Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Top 11 List Archive

NIGEL TUFNEL: The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and...
MARTY DIBERGI: Oh, I see. And most amps go up to ten?
MARTY DIBERGI: Does that mean it's louder? Is it any louder?
NIGEL TUFNEL: Well, it's one louder, isn't it?

Top 11 Things Likely To Be Overheard At the Meeting Between Jimmy Carter and Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami (Sisyphus, 8/31/06)
Top 11 Highlights of the Democratic Katrina-Response Plan (Sisyphus, 8/29/06)
Top 11 Reasons Fraters Libertas Won the Hugh Hewitt Trivia Challenge (Sisyphus, 8/26/06)
Top 11 Reasons Tom Cruise Was Fired (JB, 8/24/06)
Top 11 Things That I Would Rather Do Than Listen To A Conversation About Fantasy Football
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 8/22/06)
Top 11 Sequels To “Snakes On A Plane” (Sisyphus, 8/21/06)
Top 11 Words (Real or Imaginary) That Are Considered Derogatory or Offensive When Uttered By Senator George Allen (Sisyphus, 8/19/06)
The Nihilists Top 11 Money Saving Tips For Laid Off Northwest Employees (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 8/17/06)
Top 11 Jimmy Carter Quotes (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/17/06)
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Top 11 Ideas To Make America Better
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 8/15/06)
Top 11 Things Overheard During Hugo Chavez’s Deathbed Visit With Fidel Castro (Sisyphus, 8/13/06)
Mike Wallace's Top 11 Hottest Dictators of All Time (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 8/10/06)
Top 11 Reasons That Andrew Sullivan Is Having A Spat With Hugh Hewitt (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 8/07/06)
Top 11 Reasons That Brett Favre Believes That The 2006 Packers Are "the most talented team that I’ve been a part of as a whole" (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 8/07/06)
Top 11 Errors & Omissions By Cynical Vikings Guy (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/06/06)
Top 11 Formative Moments In Cynical Vikings Guy’s Career As A Vikings Fan (CVG, 8/05/06)
Top 11 UN Backed Cease Fire Terms For Israel (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/03/06)
Top 11 Reasons The Patriot Insider Is Off The Air (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/01/06)

Top 11 Mel Gibson Excuses (Sisyphus, 7/30/06)
Top 11 Ways the Norm Coleman Sr. Affair is Different from the Clinton Affair (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 7/26/06)
Top 11 Ways That Hugh Hewitt Is Coping With The California Heat Wave (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 7/25/06)
Top 4 Indications That the Star Tribune Will Do Anything to Keep a Republican Governor
(Sisyphus, 7/25/06)
Top 11 Ways President John F. Kerry Would Have Averted the Lebanon Crisis (Sisyphus, 7/24/06)
Top 11 Appeasement Demands (Sisyphus, 7/22/06)
Top 11 Indications That Castro May Die Soon (Sisyphus, 7/18/06)
Top 11 Cheeses (Sisyphus, 7/17/06)
Top 11 Changes At Fraterslibertas (JB, 7/13/06)
Top 11 Changes At Guantanamo Bay As A result Of The Hamdan Decision (Sisyphus, 7/12/06)
Top 11 Questions/Issues That Make Me Dislike Superman (NIGP, 7/09/06)
The Top 11 Events That "The Hoff" Has Been Barred from Attending Because He Was Steaming Drunk (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 7/07/06)
Top 11 Reasons to Attend Keegan's Scotch and Cigar Night (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 7/06/06)
Top 11 Reasons Ken Lay Died (NIGP, 7/06/06)
Top 11 Explanations For North Korea’s Failed Missile Test (Sisyphus, 7/05/06)
Top 11 New Slogans For The New York Times (Sisyphus, 7/04/06)

Top 11 Subjects For The Nihilist When He Hosts The Patriot Insider This Saturday From 9am-11am (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 6/28/06)
Top 11 Aaron Spelling Productions (A Serious and Scholarly List) (Sisyphus, 6/26/06)
Top 11 Compare And Contrasts Of Joe Lieberman And John McCain (NIGP, 6/25/06)
Top 11 Reasons That Sisyphus Is Heartbroken (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 6/23/06)
Top 11 Annoying TV Child Stars/DFL US Congressional Hopefuls (NIGP, 6/22/06)
Top 11 New Nicknames For The University Of North Dakota Fighting Sioux (Sisyphus, 6/22/06)
Top 11 Explanations For That Video Of Connie Chung Attempting to Sing (Sisyphus, 6/19/06)
Top 11 Clichés That You'll Hear During Tonight's NBC Telecast of Game Seven of the Stanley Cup Finals (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 6/19/06)
Top 11 Highlights Of The House Democrats' Plan: “A New Direction For America” (Sisyphus, 6/19/06)
Top 11 Nihilist in Golf Pants Guest Blogger Candidates (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/18/06)
Top 11 Shocking Revelations From Tonight's "Exclusive" Matt Lauer Interview With Britney Spears (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 6/15/06)
Top 11 Harvard University Commencement or Class Day Speakers (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/14/06)
Top 11 Ways Karl Rove Celebrated His Non-Indictment (Sisyphus, 6/13/06)
Top 11 Sitcom Characters I Would Like To Be (When I Grow Up) (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 06/12/06)
Top 11 Seminars At The Yearly Kos Convention In Las Vegas (Sisyphus, 06/11/06)
Top 11 Things Overheard In The Audience Of The Prairie Home Companion Movie (Sisyphus, 6/10/06)
Top 11 Most Pretentiously Titled Books/Movies By or About Liberals (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 6/07/06)
Top 11 Things That Anti-War Protesters Would Have Said At the Normandy Invasion on D-Day (Had There Been Anti-War Protesters At Normandy) (Sisyphus, 6/06/06)
Top 11 Channels Where I Looked For The NHL Finals (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/05/06)
Top 11 Things You Won’t Hear When the Nihilist Co-hosts the Patriot Insider (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/01/06)
Al Gore’s Top 11 Duties As A Senior Advisor To Google (Sisyphus, 6/01/06)

Top 11 Tunes That Just Missed Inclusion In John J. Miller's Lists of Conservative Rock (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/31/06)
Top 11 Names Considered by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Before They Named Their Daughter “Shiloh” (Sisyphus, 5/29/06)
Top 11 Reasons Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Went to Namibia For The Birth Of Their Daughter, Shiloh Noeuvel Jolie-Pitt (Sisyphus, 5/29/06)

Top 11 Reasons Minneapolis is a Better Choice Than Cleveland For The 2008 Republican National Convention (Sisyphus, 5/23/06)
Top 11 Things That Jesse Macbeth Also Claims To Have Done
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 5/23/06)
Top 11 Statements As Contradictory As Calling Oprah A “Hip And Materialistic Mother Theresa” (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/23/06)
Top 11 Explanations For the $90,000 Found In Democratic Congressman William Jefferson’s Freezer (Sisyphus, 5/22/06)
Top 11 Descriptions of Oprah (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/21/06)
Top 11 Things Preventing Sisyphus From Blogging (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/16/06)
Top 11 People Who Find It Impossible To Practice Abstinence
(Nihilist in Golf Pants 5/15/06)
Top 11 Liberal Complaints About The Economy (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/11/06)
Top 11 Names For A New Gopher Football Stadium Acceptable To The DFL (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 5/10/06)
Top 11 Other "Fun" Things The Minnesota Senate Can Buy With Taxpayer's Money (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/10/06)
Top 11 Ways Rochester is Preparing for Patrick Kennedy’s Rehab Stint At the Mayo Clinic (Sisyphus, 5/07/06)
Top 11 Things That Zarqawi Did After Making His Latest Video (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 5/05/06)

Top 11 Headlines Even Less Surprising Than “Kennedy In Car Crash: Alcohol Believed To Be Involved” (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 5/05/06)
Top 11 Snippets Overheard from the Ludacris – Antonin Scalia Conversation (Sisyphus, 5/02/06)
Top 11 Things That Wendy Wilde Will Do If She Is Elected To Congress (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 5/01/06)

Top 11 Things That Will Be Not Different During The “Day Without Immigrants” (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/01/06)

Top 11 Things That Caused Snoop Dogg & Posse To Run Riot At Heathrow Airport (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 4/28/06)
Top 11 Things That The Nihilist In Golf Pants Did To Win The City Pages Best Right Wing Blog Award (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 4/27/06)
Top 11 Honors As Dubious As City Pages’ Best Right Wing Blog (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 4/26/06)
Top 11 Thoughts That Went Through The Minds Of Those Flag Burning Hippies When Rick Monday Snatched The Flag They Were Trying To Burn (Sisyphus, 4/25/06)
Top 11 Democratic Ideas for Lowering Gas Prices (Sisyphus, 4/21/06)
Top 11 Upcoming Star Tribune Cost Cutting Measures (Sisyphus, 4/19/06)
Top 11.5 Ways R.T. Rybak Plans to Work Harder to Reduce Crime in Minneapolis (Sisyphus, 4/18/06)
Top 11 Annoying Questions Asked by Potential Buyers of the Coleman/Billings Mansion (Sisyphus, 4/17/06)
Top 11 Parody Names For A Person (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 4/11/06)
Top 11 Suggested Gifts for Baby Doubtless (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 4/10/06)
Top 11 Reasons Why The Twins Can’t Hit Their Weight (Sisyphus, 4/10/06)
Top 11 Questions I’d Like To Ask Of The Bloggers I Read (Sisyphus, 4/06/06)
Top 11 Birthday Gifts That Sisyphus Gave To Mary Katherine Ham (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 4/05/06)
Top 11 Reasons Al-Zarqawi Was Fired as Head of Al-Qaeda Iraq (Sisyphus, 4/05/06)
Top 11 Reasons T. Rajeevnath Wants To Cast Paris Hilton As Mother Theresa (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 4/04/06)
Top 11 Reasons This Blog Is Better Off Without Sisyphus
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 4/03/06)
Top 11 Rock Tunes Featuring Drugged Up Stuttering Vocals (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 4/03/06)

Top 11 Reasons George W. Bush Held A Summit Meeting In Cancun (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 3/31/06)
Top 11 Reasons It Sucks to Be A Cornell Hockey Fan (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 3/27/06)
Top 11 Worst Losses In Gopher Hockey History (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 3/27/06)
Top 11 Other Hotel Demands Made By Dick Cheney (Sisyphus, 3/27/06)

Top 11 Revelations About Fidel Castro Provided By His Former Aide (Sisyphus, 3/24/06)
Top 11 Signs That Your Pre-Schooler Is Likely To Grow Up To Be A Berkeley Psychology Professor (Sisyphus, 3/23/06)
Top 11 Other Assurances MN Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson has Received from the Minnesota Supreme Court
(Sisyphus, 3/21/06)
Top 11 Real Reasons Jessica Simpson Snubbed President Bush (Sisyphus, 3/17/06)
Top 11 Words That I Don’t Want To Hear Over The Next Few Weeks (unless you’re talking about college hockey) (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 3/16/06)
Top 11 Reasons Daunte Culpepper Wanted to be Traded to Miami (Sisyphus, 3/15/06)
Top 11 Favorites For 2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 3/14/06)
Top 11 Good Things About Blizzards (Sisyphus, 3/13/06)
Top 11 Things Given Up For Lent (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 3/10/06)
Top 11 Signs That Scott Johnson Is The Most Manly Member of Powerline (JB, 3/09/06)
Top 11 Ways Iran Plans to Inflict “Harm and Pain” on the United States (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 3/08/06)
Top 11 Hardest Things About Being A Pimp (Sisyphus, 3/06/06)
Top 11 Lies Heard At The Academy Awards (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 3/06/06)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Top 11 Excuses for Falling Asleep During Oral Arguments (Sisyphus, 3/03/06)
Top 11 New Initiatives for the “Brokeback Mayors” (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 3/01/06)

Top 11 Ideas For The KAR Header (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 2/28/06)
Top 11 Reasons Why Daddy is a Republican
(Sisyphus, 2/23/06)
Top 11 Groups George W. Bush Wouldn’t Allow To Run US Ports (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 2/23/06)
Top 11 Real Reasons Lawrence Summers Resigned As President of Harvard (Sisyphus, 2/22/06)
Top 11 Reasons Why Mommy Is A Democrat (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 2/21/06)
Top 11 Annoying Things About Mass (JB, 2/20/06)
Nick Coleman’s Top 11 Rules For Step Mothers (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 2/20/06)
Top 11 Accidents It Would Be An Honor To Be The Victim Of (Sisyphus, 2/19/06)
Top 11 Questions That Hugh Hewitt Will Ask Joe Sakic If He Interviews Him (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 2/17/06)
Top 11 Reasons Why Cheney’s Hunting Accident Was Not Like Chappaquiddick (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 2/16/06)
Top 11 Things Harry Whittington Said After Being Shot By Dick Cheney (Sisyphus, 2/15/06)
Top 11 Things I’m Looking For In My Next Trophy Wife (Sisyphus, 2/14/06)
Top 11 Reasons for the 24 Hour Delay in Reporting Dick Cheney’s Hunting Accident (Sisyphus, 2/13/06)
Top 11 Reasons Dick Cheney Shot Harry Whittington (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 2/12/06)
Top 1 DFL Plans for Improving Minnesota’s Tax Burden Ranking (Sisyphus, 2/10/06)
Top 11 Problems James Lileks Has Had With Workmen At Jasperwood (JB, 2/10/06)
Top 11 Things Likely to be Overheard on the Upcoming Prairie Home Companion Alaska Cruise
Top 11 Pieces of Political Advice That Jimmy Carter Offered His Son (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 2/08/06)
Top 8 Events Democrats (Might) Consider too Solemn to Politicize (Sisyphus, 2/07/06)
(Sisyphus, 209//06)
Top 11 Things Hugh Hewitt and Jack Bauer Have in Common (Sisyphus, 2/07/06)
Top 11 Reasons Mike Holmgren Didn’t Shake Bill Cowher’s Hand After the Super Bowl (Sisyphus, 2/09/06) (Sisyphus, 2/06/06)
Top 11 Reasons That The Rolling Stones Agreed To Perform At Super Bowl XL (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 2/06/06)
Top 11 Discussion Topics Between Lileks and Medved (JB, 2/03/06)
Top 11 Mary Katherine Ham Insights (JB, 2/03/06)
Top 11 Most Obsequious Things I Will Say To Bill Gates Should We Ever Meet (Sisyphus, 2/03/06)
Top 11 Reasons I Didn’t Watch the State of the Union Address (Sisyphus, 2/02/06)

Top 11 Words I Don’t Ever Want To Hear In A State of the Union Speech Again (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 2/01/06)
Top 11 Things Cindy Sheehan Said When She Was Arrested (JB, 2/01/06)

Top 11 Quotes I Would Like to Hear in the Democratic Response to the State of the Union Address (Sisyphus, 1/31/06)
Top 11 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Reading About Wire Tapping Case Law (JB, 1/30/06)
Top 11 Quotes I’d Like to Hear in the State of the Union Address (Sisyphus, 1/30/06)
Top 11 Reasons John Kerry Wants to Filibuster Samuel Alito’s Nomination to the Supreme Court (Sisyphus, 1/27/06)
Top 11 Other Ways Oprah Was Duped (JB, 1/26/06)
Top 11 Reasons That Phil Kessel Chose Minnesota Over Wisconsin (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 1/26/06)
Top 11 Worst Bits in The History of Radio (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 1/25/06)
Top 11 Explanations for George Galloway’s New Wardrobe (Sisyphus, 1/24/06)
Top 11 Countries Disgruntled Liberals will Now Emptily Threaten to Move to Now that Canada has Elected a Conservative Government (Sisyphus, 1/23/06)
Top 11 Celebrity Breakup Predictions For 2006 (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 1/22/06)
Top 11 Ideas for Beefing up the Ratings of Geena Davis’ TV Show “Commander in Chief”
Top 11 Highlights of the New Osama Bin Laden Tape (Sisyphus, 1/19/06)
Top 11 Replacements for Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America (Sisyphus, 1/19/06)
Top 11 Chapters of “Hugh Hewitt’s Guide to Hockey, Modern Music and Wine” (Sisyphus, 1/18/06)
Top 11 Upcoming Selections for the Oprah Book Club (Sisyphus 1/18/06)
Top 11 Better Names than “Splash” For Ted Kennedy’s Dog (Sisyphus, 1/11/06) (Sisyphus, 1/20/06)

Top 11 New Items on the Vikings Themed Restaurant Menu (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 1/06/06)
Top 11 Real Reasons Garrison Keillor is Not Moving “A Prairie Home Companion” from St. Paul (Sisyphus, 1/03/06)

Top 11 Phony Reasons Given to the StarTribune for Canceling My Subscription (Sisyphus, 12/30/05)
Top 11 Stories That Really Aren’t True Even Though They “Sound Authentic” (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 12/29/05)
Top 11 Romantic Nicknames from Garrison Keillor (Sisyphus, 12/28/05)
Top 11 Gifts I DON’T Want To Find Under My Tree This Christmas (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 12/24/05)
Top 11 Lyrics from the Brokeback Mountain Christmas Album (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 12/23/05)
Top 11 Children’s Christmas Presents that Might Offend Conservative Parents (in red) or Liberal Parents (in blue) (Sisyphus, 12/23/05)
Top 11Classic Rock Lyrics For Use In Powerline Headlines (JB, 12/23/05)
Top 11 New Titles For Gay Westerns (JB, 12/22/05)
Top 11 Legitimate Quotes (And Illegitimate Snarky Comments) From Brokeback Mountain (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 12/21/05)
Top 11 Most Obsequious Things I Said to Suck Up to John Hinderaker at Saturday’s MOB Event (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 12/20/05)
Top 11 Answers I would Like to Hear George W. Bush Give to the “What is Your Worst Mistake as President?” Question (Sisyphus, 12/19/05)
Top 11 Reasons the Minneapolis City Council Refuses to Rescind the Smoking Ban (Sisyphus, 12/17/05)
Top 11 Democratic Party/Mainstream Media Responses to the Successful Iraqi Elections (Sisyphus, 12/15/05)
Top 11 Upcoming Hugh Hewitt Libels (Sisyphus, 12/16/05)
Top 11 Reasons To Attend Saturday’s MOB Even At Keegan’s Pub (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 12/15/05)
Top 11 Changes Disney Has In Store for “Winnie the Pooh” (Sisyphus, 12/12/05)

Top 11 Holiday Greetings From President Bush (Nihilist In Golf Pants, 12/10/05)
Top 11 Excuses Rich MPLS Conservatives Make For High Crime in The City (JB, 12/09/05)
Top 11 Ways to Bring Mitch and JB Together (Sisyphus, 12/08/05)
Top 11 People or Groups Angry About The Kalamazoo Promise
Top 11 Democratic Strategies For The War In Iraq (Nihilist In Golf Pants, 12/07/05) (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 12/05/05)

Top 11 Things That Should Be Renamed For Paul & Sheila Wellstone (Nihilist In Golf Pants, 12/02/05)
Top 11 People Who Had The Worst Thanksgiving Week
Top 11 Reasons The Canadian Government Fell (Sisyphus, 11/29/05)
(Nihilist In Golf Pants, 12/01/05)

Top 11 Other Items In New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s Bio That Should Probably Be Checked Out (Sisyphus, 11/26/05)
Top 11 Changes In Store Now That The Parents Of Sisyphus Have Discovered This Blog (Sisyphus, 11/26/05)
Top 11 Indications That Rep. John Murtha May, In Fact, Be A Coward
(Sisyphus, 11/22/05)
Top 11 Highlights Of The Vikings New Code Of Conduct (Sisyphus, 11/20/05)
Top 11 College Football Rivalries (Sisyphus, 11/19/05)
Top 11 Things Allowed In Communist China But Not Minneapolis, Minnesota (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 11/17/05)
Top 11 Ways to Pick Up the Spirits of Republicans (Sisyphus, 11/17/05)
Top 11 Reasons Concertgoing Girls Rioted At Brookdale Mall (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 11/15/05)
Top 11 Most Conservative MOB Bloggers (Sisyphus, 11/14/05)
Top 11 Snippets of Conversation Overheard During Bank Robberies by the Cell Phone Bandit (Sisyphus, 11/12/05)
Top 11 Changes In Store for St. Paul Under Mayor Chris Coleman (Sisyphus, 11/09/05)
The Top 11 Reasons For The Riots in Paris (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 11/04/05)
Top 11 Michael Brown E-mails (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 11/03/05)
Top 11 Ways Chad the Elder is Commemorating the Visit of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to the United States (Sisyphus, 11/02/05)

Top 11 Items Discussed In The Secret Senate Session (Sisyphus, 11/01/05)

Top 11 Nicknames For Judge Alito That Would Be Even Scarier Than “Scalito” To Liberals (Sisyphus, 10/31/05)
Top 11 Nicknames For Judge Alito That Would Have Made Liberal Feel Better (Sisyphus, 10/31/05)
Top 11 Ways St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly Can Turn Around His Dismal Re-Election Poll Numbers Vs. Chris Coleman (Sisyphus, 10/28/05)
Top 11 Lies (Sources Tell NIGP) that Scooter Libby Told to the Grand Jury (Sisyphus, 10/28/05)
Top 11 People Al Franken is Convinced He Could Beat-Up if He Really Wanted To (Sisyphus, 10/27/05)
Top 11 Innocent Explanations for that $150,000 in George Galloway’s Wife’s Account (Sisyphus, 10/26/05)
Top 11 Reasons Why Blogs Should Not Allow Comments
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/25/05)
Top 9 Actions Performed By George W. Bush that Hugh Hewitt Wouldn’t Support (Maybe) (Sisyphus, 10/24/05)
Top 11 Quotes You Won’t Hear After the Vikings Improbable Victory Over The Packers (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 10/24/05)
Top 11 Dead Iconoclastic Heroes of the Left
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/22/05)
Without A Doubt The Worst Top 11 List Ever
(Sisyphus, 10/21/05)
Top 11 Ways to Improve Minnesota’s Hooker Ranking
(Sisyphus, 10/20/05)
Top 11 New Marketing Slogans For Planned Parenthood
(JB, 10/17/05)
Top 11 Best/Worst Hooker States (Sisyphus, 10/15/05)
Top 11 Reasons I Wasn’t Invited on the Vikings Cruise (Sisyphus, 10/12/05)
Top 11 Ways to Spell the name Of Our Next Supreme Court Justice (Sisyphus, 10/07/05)
Top 11 Qualifications That Make Harriet Miers Fit To Be A Justice On The Supreme Court (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/05/05)
Top 11 Songs That It’s Acceptable For A Man To Well Up To (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/03/05)
Top 11 TV Episodes We’ll Never See, Not in a Million Years (Sisyphus, 10/03/05)
Top 11 Aluminum Anniversary Gifts (Sisyphus, 10/01/05)

Top 11 Names Being Considered By Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner For Their Daughter (Sisyphus, 9/30/05)
The Second 11 Names Being Considered by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner For Their Daughter (Sisyphus, 9/30/05)
Top 11 Names Eliminated For Consideration By Ben Affleck And Jennifer Gardner For Their Daughter (Sisyphus, 9/30/05)
Top 11 Upcoming Ronnie Earle Indictments (Sisyphus, 9/29/05)
Top 11 Reasons the Supreme Court Agreed to Hear Anna Nicole Smith's Lawsuit (Sisyphus, 9/30/05) (Sisyphus, 9/30/05)
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 9/28/05)
Top 11 Reasons Former Klansman Robert Byrd (D-WV) Is Running For Re-Election To The United State Senate (Sisyphus, 9/27/05)
Top 11 Lyrics That Prove Bruce Springsteen Is A Leftist Scumbag (like Bruce Dickinson) (JB, 9/23/05)
Top 11 Worst Coaches in Minnesota Sports History (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 9/18/05)
Top 11 Real Reasons All Of Those Minneapolis Bars Went Out Of Business
(Sisyphus, 9/17/05)
Top 11 Reasons the Renee Zellweger – Kenny Chesney Marriage Failed After Only Five Months (Sisyphus, 9/16/05)
Top 11 Reasons Why Captain Ed Is Featured in Playboy Magazine (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 9/14/05)
Top 11 Questions I Would Ask John Roberts If I Were On The Senate Judiciary Committee (Sisyphus, 9/13/05)
Top 11 Michael Brown Resume Pads (Sisyphus, 9/13/05)
Top 11 Reasons The Vikings Are Better Without Randy Moss
Top 11 Reasons I Wore the Wellstone Shirt (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 9/12/05)
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 9/08/05)
Top 11 Posts in the History of this Site (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 9/05/05)
Dueling Top 11 Lists (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 9/05/05)
Top 11 Ways George W. Bush Could Have Prevented Hurricane Katrina
Top 11 French Contributions To Hurricane Relief (Sisyphus, 9/02/05)
Top 11 Actual Reasons I Haven’t Posted in Nearly A Week (Sisyphus, 9/02/05)
Top 11 Reasons Sisyphus Hasn’t Posted (Nihilist in Golf Pansts, 9/02/05)
(Sisyphus, 9/04/05)

Top 11 Reasons Cheri Pierson Yecke Is Leaving Minnesota For Florida (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/30/05)
Top 11 Reasons The Nihilist WAS Invited To My Bachelor Party
(JB, 8/28/05)
Top 11 Suspects Responsible for Shooting of Marion “Suge” Knight
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/28/05)
Top 11 Reasons James Lileks Wasn’t Invited to JB Doubtless’ Bachelor Party
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/26/05)
Top 11 Reasons Hugh Hewitt Was Not Invited To My Bachelor Party
(JB, 8/25/05)
Top 11 Things Michael Moore Will Secretly Eat While At His Florida Fat Farm (Sisyphus, 8/24/05)
Top 11 Things That Will Remain The Same At Nihilist In Golf Pants (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/22/05)
Top 11 Changes In Store For Nihilist In Golf Pants Now That We’re Playing With The Big Boys (Sisyphus, 8/22/05)
Top 11 Issues Debated At JB Doubtless’ Bachelor Party (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/21/05)
Top 11 Reasons for the Delay of Iraq’s Constitution (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/16/05)
Top 11 Howard Dean Messages Aimed at Revitalizing the Democratic Party (Sisyphus, 8/12/05)
Top 11 Things That Nick Coleman Will Have Time For Now That He Doesn’t Have A Radio Show (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 8/10/05)
Top 11 Things I Will Miss about the Nick Coleman Radio Show (Sisyphus, 8/9/05)
Top 11 Beliefs of Moonbats Protesting The Dropping of the A-Bomb on Hiroshima (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 8/7/05)
Top 11 Upcoming Nick Coleman Columns (with links to their inspiration) (Sisyphus, 8/6/05)
Top 11 Slogans on the New Line of Sisyphus Thongs (Sisyphus, 8/6/05)
Top 11 Creative Financing Ideas for Air America
(Sisyphus, 8/1/05)

Top 11 Items Being Collected By Reporters’ Angels
(Sisyphus, 7/29/05)
Top 11 Better Threats Helen Thomas Could Make to Keep Dick Cheney from Running for President
(Sisyphus, 7/28/05)
Top 11 Things Hillary is Doing to Try to Appear More Conservative
(Sisyphus, 7/28/05)
Top 11 Worst Names For a Baby Boy
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 7/28/05)
Top 11 Indications that John Roberts’ Four year Old Son is Gay
(Sisyphus, 7/23/05)
Top 11 Bad Thing Happening in Iraq as a Result of the American Presence
(Sisyphus, 7/22/05)
Top 11 Indications that John Roberts is Out of the Mainstream
(Sisyphus, 7/19/05)
Top 11 Revelations that would Lead Me to Call For Karl Rove’s Head
(Sisyphus, 7/17/05)
Top 11 Pieces of Dirt on Mark Yost
(Sisyphus, 7/15/05)
Top 11 Better Ways to Get Rid of Chipmunks
(Sisyphus, 7/14/05)
Top 11 Possible Reasons Rabuse On The Right Is No Longer On AM 1280, The Patriot
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 7/14/05)
Top 11 Opponents Ron Reagan Jr. Could Defeat in a Debate (maybe)
(Sisyphus, 7/12/05)
Top 11 Ways Unessential State Employees Kept Busy During the Government Shutdown
(Sisyphus, 7/9/05)
Top 11 Musicians that Inspired Johnny Depp’s Portrayal of Other Characters
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 7/9/05)
Top 11 Ways the Deep Impact Probe Damages the Horoscope, Ruins History
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 7/7/05)
Top 11 Accusations I would Make if I were Writing a Hillary Clinton Smear Biography
(Sisyphus, 7/6/05)
Top 11 Ways the Star Tribune Has Been Padding It’s Circulation Numbers
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 7/5/05)
Top 11 Ideas Thomas Jefferson Didn’t Have When He Wrote the Declaration of Independence
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 7/4/05)
Top 11 Search Strings that Led to Disappointing Visits to NIGP
(Sisyphus, 7/3/05)
Top 11 Liberal Gals that an Undiscriminating Conservative Might Like to Shag
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 7/3/05)
Top 11 Explanations for the Minnesota Senate Democrats’ Decision to Adjourn Before Reaching a Budget Deal
(Sisyphus, 7/1/05)

Top 11 Flavors of Ice Cream that I Don’t Want to Try
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/28/05)
Senator Robert Byrd’s Top 11 Excuses for Having Founded the Crab Orchard WV Branch of the Ku Klux Klan
(Sisyphus, 6/20/05)
Top 11 Amendments I’d Make to the Patriot Act
(Sisyphus, 6/18/05)
Top 11 Kevin Bacon or Francis Bacon Quotes
(Sisyphus, 6/14/05)
Top 11 Reasons Minnesota is better than Colorado
(Sisyphus, 6/13/05)
Top 11 Coolest Characters in the Star Wars Series
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/13/05)
Top 11 Additions That NARN Bloggers Would Make to the Discovery Channel’s List of the 25 Greatest Americans
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/11/05)
Top 11 Reasons Jimmy Carter Wants to Close Gulag Guantanamo
(Sisyphus, 6/10/05)
Top 11 Revelations in John Kerry’s Military Records
(Sisyphus, 6/7/05)
Top 11 Gulag Guantanamo Atrocities
(Sisyphus, 6/4/05)
Top 11 Better Choices For Deep Throat
(Sisyphus, 6/1/05)

Top 11 Reasons the French Rejected the EU Constitution
(Sisyphus, 5/29/05)
Top 11 Things That Made George Voinovich Cry Yesterday
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 5/26/05)
Top 11 Object of Ridicule at NIGP
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/26/05)
Top 11 Things the Republicans Get in Exchange for Surrendering on Judges
(Sisyphus, 5/23/05)
Top 11 Words that are not in Microsoft Word’s Spell Check Dictionary
(Sisyphus, 5/20/05)
Top 11 Names Nick Coleman Used To Describe Conservative Bloggers (or blaaahgers as Nick would say) On His Radio Show Today
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 5/19/05)
Top 11 Upcoming Newsweek Periscope Items
(Sisyphus, 5/16/05)
Top 11 Ethical/Unethical Actions for Journalists
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/8/05)
Top 11 Most Bitter Moments in Atomizer’s Sports Life
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 5/5/05)
Top 11 Skanks of All Time
(Sisyphus, 5/2/05)

Top 11 Reasons Why Bush is Worse Than Hitler
(Misanthropic Frat Boy, 4/29/05)
Top 11 Unfinished Top 11 Lists
(Sisyphus, 4/27/05)
Top 11 Things I Learned Running for Pope
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 4/22/05)
Top 11 Explanations for the Killer Rabbit Attack on Jimmy Carter
(Sisyphus, 4/20/05)
Top 11 Songs that Saved My Life
(Sisyphus, 4/14/05)

Top 11 Ways the World Would be Eviler if St. Kate Achieved Her Goal of World Domination
(Sisyphus, 3/30/05)
Top 11 Reasons to Kill Terri Schiavo
(Sisyphus, 3/21/05)
Top 11 Tastiest Animals
(Sisyphus, 3/15/05)
Nihilist's Top 11 Ways to Reduce Your Taxes That You Won't Find In a Financial Magazine
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 3/12/05)
Top 11 Reasons it would be a Bad Idea for the Kool Aid Report to Join the Nuclear Club
(Sisyphus, 3/12/05)
Top 11 Revelations about North Korea from the LA Times
(Sisyphus, 3/5/05)

Nihilist in Golf Pants’ Top 11 Actions to Take as New Pope
(Nihilist in Golf Pants, 2/27/05)
Top 11 Upcoming Liberal Blogswarms
(Sisyphus, 2/19/05)
Top 11 Features of the New Attack Submarine, The USS Jimmy Carter
(Sisyphus, 2/16/05)
Top 11 New Job Prospects for Eason Jordan
(Sisyphus, 2/12/05)

Top 11 Reasons Nihilist in Golf Pants Should be Elected to Congress
(Sisyphus, 1/31/05)
Top 11 Compromise Names for Olson Memorial Highway
(Sisyphus, 1/28/05)
Top 11 Ways to Console a Despondent Vikings Fan
(Sisyphus, 1/17/05)
Top 11 Ways to Console a Despondent Packer Fan
(Sisyphus, 1/9/05)
Top 11 Ways to Become Wealthy
(Sisyphus, 1/1/05)

Top 11 Things Nick Coleman Knows
(Sisyphus, 12/23/04)


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