Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Don't You Just Hate Clip Shows?

The NIGP anniversary celebration continues with a look back at my Top 11 posts in the history of the site:

11. The first post ever on the blog
10. Sisyphus joins the blog
9. Sisyphus' first top 11 list
8. Sisyphus' top 11 reasons Bush is worse than Hitler
7. Snubbed by the Governor
6. Sisyphus live-blogs his day off
5. My post on the guy who wrote a PHD thesis on Fantasy Island
4. Sisyphus post that launched the Hughlanche
3. My first top 11 list announcing my candidacy for pope
2. After a spat I banish Sisyphus to Guantanimo
1. Killer Rabbit Day produces a major posting frenzy


Anonymous Eva Young said...

It's interesting that you never post a link to me or have the top 11 reasons that everyone should not vote for Michele Bachman.

And it's wacky that a man who wears golf pants doesn't come to our dumpbachmann meetings.

Interesting..and wacky.

visit my blog or link to me.

2:47 PM  

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