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Top 11 List Archive (October 2006 - )

Top 11 List Archive

(October 2006 - )

NIGEL TUFNEL: The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and...
MARTY DIBERGI: Oh, I see. And most amps go up to ten?
MARTY DIBERGI: Does that mean it's louder? Is it any louder?
NIGEL TUFNEL: Well, it's one louder, isn't it?

March 2009

Top 11 Episodes of Kids Shows That I'd Like To See (3/01/09)

February 2009

Top 11 Names for that Joe Biden Would Find Easier to Remember (2/26/09)

Top 11 Promises President Obama Will Make In His Next Speech To Congress (2/26/09)

Top 11 Reasons Barack Obama Returned the Bust of Winston Churchill to England (2/18/09)

Top 11 Real Reasons Chad the Elder Is Ending His Regular Participation With the First Team of the Northern Alliance Radio Network (2/12/09)

Top 11 Surprises in Store for the Next Group to See Bill Gates Speak (2/05/09)

Top 11 Network Television Shows That I Have Never Watched An Entire Episode Of Or Have Any Desire Ever To (2/02/09)

Top 11 Obama Enticements to Congressional Republicans (2/01/09)

January 2009

Top 11 Best Names For The New King Banaian Radio Show (1/12/09)

Top 11 Reasons Nick Coleman Rejected the Star Tribune Buyout (1/07/09)

December 2008

Top 11 Reasons Congress Gave Itself A Raise (12/22/08)

Top 11 Career Opportunities for Nick Coleman After Losing His Column (12/16/08)

Top 11 Things American Journalists Would Throw At President Bush If Given The Opportunity (12/15/08)

You Got Your Top 11 List In My Separated At Birth (12/14/08)

Top 11 Organizations Impacted By Employees Calling In "Gay" Yesterday (12/11/08)

Top 11 Conditions Congress Has Attached to the Bail Out Of the Big Three Automakers (12/10/08)

Top 11 Reasons That Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Considered Appointing Himself To Fill Obama's US Senate Seat (12/09/08)

Top 11 Things That Governor Pawlenty Will Bring Up When He Meets With Barack Obama Today (12/02/08)

November 2008

Top 11 Minnesota Arts Grant Applications by Nihilist in Golf Pants Contributors (11/30/08)

Top 11 Jobs For Mark Ritchie After His Stint As Minnesota Secretary of State (11/18/08)

Top 11 Jobs For Mark Ritchie After His Stint As Minnesota Secretary of State (11/18/08)

Top 11 Events on the Power Line Cruise (11/14/08)

Other Than Discovering They Were Simply Paid Shills For The Democrats, Top 11 Revelations That Have Shocked Minnesota Independent Reporters This Week (11/13/08)

Top 11 Changes At The White House Once the Obama's Move In (11/11/08)

Top 11 Possible Explanations for why ALL of the Corrections to the Coleman-Franken Vote Totals Favor Franken (11/10/08)

Top 11 Things Barack Obama Supporters Did After Voting Today (11/04/08)

Top 11 Things John McCain Supporters Did After Voting Today (11/04/08)

October 2008

Top 11 Things Comparable To Being Named "Worst Person In The World" By Keith Olbermann (10/30/08)

Top 11 More Appropriate Names For The University Of Denver's Sports Teams Now That They've Decided Not To Bring Back Their Pioneer Mascot (10/22/08)

Top 11 Things Republicans Really Are Raging About (10/13/08)

Top 11 Titles to Grammy Winning Polka Albums (10/08/08)

Besides Not Being Aware That Bill Ayers Was An Unrepentant Terrorist, Top 11 Other Things Barack Obama Didn't Know About People From Chicago (10/07/08)

Top 11 Things That Will Change in the Post 2008 Economy (10/02/08)

Top 11 Other Historical Comparisons That Joe Biden Will Be Making At Tonight's Debate (10/02/08)

September 2008

Top 11 Things That Joe Biden Did For The Community In Lieu of Charitable Giving (9/23/09)

Top 11 Things Dave Thune Might Have Said In His Email (9/11/08)

Top 11 Less Strenuous Jobs For Tavaris Jackson (9/09/08)

Top 11 Upcoming Smears On Sarah Palin (9/07/08)

Top 11 Thoughts John Hinderaker Shared with the Code Pink Protestors (9/05/08)

Top 11 Reasons Sisyphus Isn't In This Picture (9/04/08)

August 2008

Top 11 Names Sarah Palin Almost Gave Her Children (8/31/08)

Top 11 Actual Victims Mentioned By Barack Obama in his Acceptance Speech (8/28/08)

Top 11 Predicted Americans Barack Obama Will Reference He Met with While on the Campaign Trail (8/27/08)

Top 11 Laugh Lines In Hillary's Speech Last Night (8/27/08)

Top 11 Things Joe Biden Contributes To Obama Campaign (8/25/08)

Only 11 Barack Obama Running Mates that Would Have Made the Contributors to This Blog Even More Ecstatic (8/24/08)

Top 11 Suggested Replacements for Snot (8/21/08)

Top 11 Reasons The Nihilist In Golf Pants Was Denied Access to the Republican National Convention (8/19/08)

Top 11 Other Things That Are Above Barack Obama's Pay Grade (8/18/08)

Top 11 Things That The Minnesota Independent's Molly Priesmeyer Will Be Covering Next In Her Role As Consumer Affairs Reporter (8/16/08)

Top 11 Other Insensitive Things Spanish Olympic Basketball Players Did In Photos (8/15/08)

Top 11 John Edwards Explanations for his Affair with Rielle Hunter (8/08/08)

Top 11 Barack Obama Comments During His Breakfast Stop at the Copper Dome in St. Paul (8/07/08)

Top 11 Reasons Favre Would Rather Play In New York Than Green Bay (8/07/08)

Top 11 Obama Celebrity Fundraisers After the George Clooney Fundraiser in Geneva, Switzerland (8/06/08)

Top 11 Reasons For Morgan Freeman's Auto Accident (8/05/08)

Top 11 Real Reasons The GOP Chose The Twin Cities For The 2008 National Convention (8/04/08)

Top 11 Arguments In Favor Of Term Limits (8/03/08)

July 2008

Top 11 Reasons the New York Times Rejected John McCain’s Op-Ed (7/24/08)

Top 11 New Attractions At Valleyfair (7/22/08)

Top 11 Things Overheard On Barack Obama’s World Tour (7/21/08)

Top 11 Odors Nick Coleman's Big Smeller Picked Up DT (7/17/08)

Top 11 Suggestions for the University of Minnesota Morris Mascot (7/15/08)

Top 11 Plans Congress has for Increasing its Approval Rating (7/09/08)

Top 11 Quotes From The White House Biography Of Italian Premier Berlusconi (7/08/08)

Top 11 Barack Obama Campaign Slogans (7/06/08)

June 2008

Top 11 Guitar Songs (6/22/08)

Top 11 Indications That Barak Obama Doesn't "Keep It Real" (6/18/08)

Top 17 Reasons Barack Obama Should Select Walter Mondale as His Running Mate (6/11/08)

Top 11 Things Al Franken Did After Getting The DFL Senate Endorsement (6/09/08)

Top 11 Ways Obama and Clinton Intend to Unify the Democratic Party (6/06/08)

May 2008

Top 11 Revelations in Scott McClellan’s New Book (5/28/08)

Top 11 Reasons Governor Pawlenty's Wife Won't Give Him Any (5/13/08)

Top 11 Reasons Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak Didn't Pay His Speeding Ticket Fine & Had His License Suspended (5/09/08)

Top 11 Ideas to Get the Star Tribune Out of Bankruptcy (5/08/08)

April 2008

Top 11 Upcoming Al Franken Revelations (4/30/08)

Top 11 Mariah Carey Physics Albums (4/27/08)

Top 11 Suggested Other Names for the Greedy Developer In Shark Swarm (4/23/08)

Top 11 Debate Questions Barack Obama Might Not Have Whined About (4/18/08)

Top 11 Reasons Barak Obama Won't Wear An American Flag Lapel Pin (4/17/08)

Top 11 Surprises in Bill and Hillary’s Tax Returns (4/07/08)

Top 11 Things Hillary Clinton has in Common with Rocky (4/01/08)

March 2008

Top 11 Distant Relatives of Hillary Clinton (3/25/08)

Top 11 Highlights of Barak Obama's Speech On "Race In America" (3/18/08)

Top 11 Reasons The Jack Pine Community Center Is Closing Down (3/17/08)

Barak Obama's Pastor's Top 11 Songs (3/13/08)

Top 11 Reasons Mike Ciresi Dropped Out of the Senate Race (3/11/08)

Top 11 Reasons Elliot Spitzer Patronized High-End Prostitutes (3/10/08)

Top 11 Reasons Al Franken Failed to Pay Workers Comp for his Campaign Employees (3/05/08)

Top 11 Reasons That Bret Favre Retired (3/04/08)

February 2008

Top 11 Reasons Nihilist in Golf Pants is the Best Blog to Replace Captain’s Quarters in the Northern Alliance (2/26/08)

Top 11 Plans Fidel Castro has for Retirement (2/19/08)

Top 11 Reasons Michelle Obama Hasn’t Been Proud of Her Country until Recently (2/19/08)

Top 11 Hyperbolic Doomsday Predictions (2/17/08)

Top 11 Comments Overheard at the Westminster Kennel Club when the Beagle “Uno” won Best in Show (2/13/08)

Top 11 Reasons Hillary Fired Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle (2/11/08)

Top 11 Reasons Mitt Romney Dropped Out Of The Race (2/07/08)

Top 11 Reasons Mitt Romney Won The Minnesota GOP Caucuses (2/06/08)

Top 11 New Nicknames for the University of North Dakota (2/05/08)

Top 11 Reasons The Giants Upset The Patriots (2/05/08)

Top 11 Obscene Gestures Made by North Dakota Hockey Coach (2/04/08)

January 2008

Top 11 Reasons The Minnesota Twins Traded Johan Santana (1/29/08)

Top 11 Reasons Ted Kennedy Endorsed Barack Obama (1/28/08)

Top 11 Reasons Heath Ledger OD’d (01/23/08)

Top 11 Reasons The Packers Lost The NFC Championship Game At Home (01/21/08)

Top 11 Reasons Why DVD of Original Sesame Street Episodes Carries an "Adults Only" Warning (01/19/08)

Top 11 Reasons Gopher Goalie Jeff Frazee Let In A Goal From 120 Feet Out At St. Cloud State On Saturday Night (01/14/08)

Top 11 Reasons Ron Paul Only Won Ten Percent Of The Vote In New Hampshire (1/10/08)

Top 11 Barack Obama Excuses for Losing the New Hampshire Primary (01/09/08)

Top 11 Indications You Live Next Door to a “Pot Palace” (01/06/08)

Top 11 Headlines That Should Have Been Written After The Iowa Caucuses (01/04/08)

Top 11 Predicted Hugh Hewitt Interpretations for Romney Coming in Second in Iowa (01/04/08)

Top 11 Hillary Clinton Excuses For Coming In Third At The Iowa Caucuses (01/04/08)

Top 11 Rhymes in Nick Coleman’s Year End Rhyming Column (01/01/08)

December 2007

Top 11 Things Troy Williamson Plans To Do In The Offseason (12/21/07)

Top 11 Things Everyone Should Know about Hillary Clinton (12/30/07)

Top 11 Causes For The Tiger Attack At The San Francisco Zoo (12/28/07)

Top 11 Reasons NY Islanders GM Garth Snow Hates Gopher Coach Don Lucia (12/22/07)

Top 11 Songs Found on Christmas Specials (12/17/07)

Top 11 Choices for Word of the Year That Are Better Than W00t (12/13/07)

Top 11 Excuses Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak Uses To Get Out Of Lame Events (12/12/07)

Top 11 Highlights of Mitt Romney’s Mormon Speech (12/06/07)

Top 11 Names for a Teddy Bear (12/03/07)

November 2007

Top 11 Chapters Titles in Ted Kennedy’s Upcoming Autobiography (11/26/07)

Top 11 Reasons Mrs. Hulk Hogan is Divorcing Mr. Hulk Hogan (11/26/07)

Top 11 Possible Reasons Eric Black Really Wanted Rachel Paulose Fired (11/24/07)

Top 11 Questions Wolf Blitzer Can Ask Hillary Rodham Clinton to Suck Up to Her Even More in the Future (11/16/07)

Top 11 Things Wolf Blitzer Can Say to Make Hillary Rodham Clinton Cry At the Debate (11/15/07)

Top 11 Reasons Stillwater Voters Should Approve their School Levy (11/06/07)

Top 11 Pledges Hillary Made to Walter Mondale to Get His Endorsement (11/05/07)

Top 11 Songs to be Played at the Powerline Concert (11/02/07)

October 2007

Top 11 Agenda Items For the First 100 Days of the Dennis Kucinich Administration (10/31/07)

Top 11 Reasons Dick Cheney Fell Asleep During A Meeting on the California Fires (10/26/07)

Top 11 Things That SLP Residents Would Rather Have In Their Neighborhood Than An Expansion Of Holy Family Church (10/19/07)

Top 11 Titles of the Adult Film Treatment of Al Gore's Movie (10/13/07)

Top 11 Awards Al Gore Is Going To Win Next (10/12/07)

Top 11 Names for the New Party Being Considered by Some Religious Conservatives (10/08/07)

Top 11 Slogans the Baby from the MovOn.Org E-mail Would Have Preferred to Hold Up (10/04/07)

Top 11 Things President Bush Did After Vetoing Health Insurance For The Children (10/03/07)

September 2007

Top 11 Reasons That Bombed Bensonhurst (please Benson, don't hurst us!) Guy Needs To Move Back To New York (09/27/07)

Top 11 Reasons Mike Vick Failed His Drug Test (09/27/07)

Top 11 Things For Green Bay Fans To Do In The Twin Cities This Weekend (09/27/07)

Top 11 Reasons There Are No Homosexuals in Iran (09/25/07)

Top 11 Things (Besides the $70 Million) Dan Rather Is Asking For In His Lawsuit (09/24/07)

Top 11 Reasons the Sex Pistols are Reuniting (09/19/07)

Top 11 Reasons OJ Allegedly Robbed Sports Collectors (09/17/07)

Top 11 Best Named Cities in North Dakota (09/14/07)

Top 11 Reasons Twins GM Terry Ryan Decided To Step Aside (09/14/07)

Top 11 Nicknames for Having a Deserved Link Withheld by Mitch Berg. (09/12/07)

Top 11 Nicknames for Traffic Earned from a Mitch Berg Link (09/12/07)

Top 11 Features of Led Zeppelin's Reunion Tour (09/12/07)

Top 11 Other Names For Generals (09/11/07)

Top 11 Most Shocking Revelations In Latest Bin Laden Tape (09/09/07)

Top 11 Reasons Larry Craig is "Reconsidering" his Decision to Resign (09/06/07)

Top 11 Reasons Michigan Lost to Appalachian State on Saturday (09/03/07)

August 2007

Top 11 Things the Editors of the New York Times Erroneously Think is in the U.S. Constitution Besides “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (08/31/07)

Top 11 Things Sen Larry Craig Was Doing In The MSP Airport Restroom (08/28/07)

Top 11 People I Would Most Like to See Nominated for Attorney General (08/27/07)

Top 11 People I Would Most Like to See Win $314 Million in the Lottery (08/26/07)

Top 11 Reasons Some Are Upset That A Chinese Sculptor Was Selected To Design The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial (08/26/07)

Top 11 Janeane Garofalo Lines From the Upcoming Season of 24 (8/22/07)

Top 11 Learnings From: Drunk Driving Over the Limit / Under Arrest Ad (08/21/07)

Top 11 New Advertsing Slogans For Mattel (08/16/07)

Top 11 Reason Karl Rove Left the White House (8/13/07)

Top 11 Reasons AM1280 The Patriot's Ratings Among Adults 25-54 Fell (08/09/07)

Top 11 People Really Responsible For The 35W Bridge Collapse (08//07)

Top 11 Changes Rupert Murdoch Has Planned For the Wall Street Journal (08/01/07)

July 2007

Top 11 Reasons Chief Justice Roberts Suffered A Seizure (7/30/07)

Top 11 Discoveries By Doctors During President Bush's Colonoscopy (07/24/07)

Top 11 Ways the Star Tribune is Preparing for Dick Cheney’s Two Hours as President (07//07)

Top 11 Highlights of Last Night's All-Night Slumber Party in the Senate (07/18/07)

Top 11 Off-Ice Seminars At The Boogaard’s Hockey Fighting Camp (07/17/07)

Top 11 Photos So Embarrasing That Miss New Jersey Wouldn't Release Them (07/12/07)

Top 11 Ways I Would Advise Senator David Vitter To Respond To This Frequenting Prostitutes Thing (07/11/07)

Top 11 Lesser Known Democratic Congressional Investigations (07/08/07)

Top 11 Changes Mark Yost Would Make As Commissioner of MLB (07/03/07)

Top 11 Reasons President Bush Commuted Scooter Libby’s Prison Sentence (07/02/07)

Top 11 Gifts That The Nihilist In Golf Pants Received On His 40th Birthday From Fellow Bloggers (7/02/07)

June 2007

Catch Him Now, He's Falling (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/30/07)

Top 11 Ways Anarchists Plan To Disrupt the 2008 GOP Convention In St. Paul (Sisyphus, 6/28/07)

Top 11 Reasons Michael Bloomberg Left The Republican Party (Sisyphus, 6/24/07)

Top 11 Turn-offs Missing From Dean Barclay's Profile (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/23/07))

Top 11 Turn-ons Dean Barclay Left Out of His Profile (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/23/07)

Top 11 Things Other Than "Gravitas" That Mike Hatch Brings To Blackwell Burke (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 6/22/07)

Top 11 Commandments For Driving (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/22/07)

Top 11 Reasons Amy Klobuchar Was Voted Funniest Freshman Senator (Sisyphus, 6/18/07)

Top 11 Reasons Hugh Hewitt Has Been Banned From The 2007 Minnesota State Fair (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 6/13/07)

The Presidential Candidates Comment On The Sopranos (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/11/07)

Paris Hilton’s Top 11 Complaints About Jail (Sisyphus, 6/08/07)

Top 11 Reasons Larry And Laurie David Are Separating (Nihilist in Golf Pnats, 6/06/07)

Top 11 Other Criticismns Barack Obama Has Of The Bush Administration Besides Doing Nothing to Defuse A “QUIET RIOT” Among Blacks (Sisyphus, 6/05/07)

Top 11 Theme Songs For Hillary's Presidenial Campaign (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 6/01/07)

May 2007

Top 11 Ways Power Line Celebrated Its Fifth Birthday (Sisyphus, 5/29/07)

Top 11 Things MN State Senate President James Metzen Could Have Said To Try To Get Out Of His DWI Arrest (Sisyphus, 5/25/07)

Top 11 Ways To Win Back The Wealthy To The Republican Party (Sisyphus, 5/24/07)

Top 11 Requirements of the New Immigration Bill (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 5/22/07)

Top 11 Other Evaluations Made By Jimmy Carter (Sisyphus, 5/20/07)

Top 11 Real Reasons the Star Tribune Cancelled Lileks’ Column And Reassigned Him to Cover Local Stories (Sisyphus, 5/12/07)

Top 11 Differences Between Paris Hilton and Al Capone (Sisyphus, 5/11/07)

Top 11 Plans to Cut Costs at the Star Tribune (Saint Paul, 5/07/07)

Top 11 New Job Opportunities For Mike Hatch (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 5/02/07)

April 2007

Top 11 Complaints Of Lawyers In The Minnesota Attorney General's Office (Sisyphus, 4/27/07)

Top 11 Things Said In The Exchange Between Cheryl Crow, Laurie David and Karl Rove (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 4/22/07)

Top 11 Suggested Amenities For The Temporary Detention Area Now Being Planned For Arrested Republican National Convention Protesters (Sisyphus, 4/18/07)

Top 11 Chants, Slogans, & Signs For This Saturday's National Day Of Climate Action (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 4/12/07)

Top 11 Ways The Iranians Made Their British Captives Cry (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 4/11/07)

Top 11 Company Secrets Par Ridder Had In His Pioneer Press Laptop (Sisyphus, 4/10/07)

Top 11 Highlights of the Iranian "Nuclear Day" Celebrations (Sisyphus, 4/09/07)

Top 11 Reasons These Men Are Smiling and Laughing (Saint Paul, 4/06/07)

Top 11 Reasons Brooks Kochvar Left As Michele Bachmann's Chief Of Staff (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 4/04/07)

Top 11 Alumni That Make The University of Michigan Proud (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 4/03/07)

Top 11 “Facts” Found By Nancy Pelosi During Her Trip To Syria (Sisyphus, 4/01/07)

March 2007

Top 11 Reasons This Blog Opposes Making the Tilt-A-Whirl the Official Amusement Ride of Minnesota (Sisyphus, 3/20/07)

Top 11 Reasons Minneapolis Water Smells "Funky" (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 3/28/07)

Top 11 Reasons That The Gopher Hockey Team Lost To North Dakota (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 3/26/07)

Top 11 Changes Being Considered At St. Louis Park High School To Avoid Exposing Students To The N-Word (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 3/22/07)

Top 11 Things I'd Rather Listen To Than Someone Updating Me On Their NCAA Brackets (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 3/20/07)

Top 11 Revelations in Hugh Hewitt's New Book, "A Mormon in the White House?" (Saint Paul, 3/16/07)

Top 11 Other Stories the Washington Post has “broken” Recently (Sisyphus, 3/15/07)

Top 11 Things Rudy Giuliani "Hates" As Much As He "Hates" Abortion (JB, 3/14/07)

Top 11 Reasons Anne Bancroft and Liv Arneson Abandoned Their North Pole Expedition To Raise Awareness Of Global Warming (Sisyphus, 3/12/07)

Top 11 Real Reasons the Democrats Are Boycotting Fox News (Sisyphus, 3/10/07)

Top 11 Things Good Ol' Gal Hillary Likes To Do When She's In The South (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 3/06/07)

Top 11 Digitally Enhanced Baseball Cards (Nihlist in Golf Pants, 3/04/07)

Top 11 Reasons Hillary Clinton Had her 1965 Senior Thesis Suppressed (Sisyphus, 3/02/07)

February 2007

Top 11 Things Causing Al Gore to Spend $30K a Year on Electricity (Saint Paul, 2/28/07)

Top 11 Reasons This Years Oscars Were The Greenest Ever (Sisyphus, 2/26/07)

Top 11 Honorary Degrees the University of Minnesota is Considering In Addition to Doctor of Climatology for Al Gore (Sisyphus, 2/21/07)

Top 11 Deeply Held Convictions of Rep. Jim Ramstad (Nihlist in Golf Pants, 2/20/07)

Top 11 Highlights of the Upcoming Save Our Selves (SOS) Global Warming Concert (Sisyphus, 2/18/07)

Top 11 Things Scientists Are Way More Than 90% Certain Of (Sisyphus, 2/11/07)

Top 11 Things Burning In Nick Coleman's Mind (Chad the Elder, 2/09/07)

Top 11 Reasons the Pentagon Has Rejected Nancy Pelosi’s Request for a C-32 Military Jet (Sisyphus, 2/08/07)

Top 11 Next WSJ Pieces By Mark "The Commoner" Yost (JB, 2/08/07)

Top 11 Candidates For NASA's Astronaut Opening (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 2/06/07)

Top 11 Titles I’m Considering For My Autobiography (Sisyphus, 2/05/07)

January 2007

Top 11 Other Jobs That Are Suitable For Out-of-Work Twin Cities Reporters as Listed on (Guest Poster, 1/31/07)

Top 11 Things the State of California is Considering Banning (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 1/30/07)

Top 11 Highlights Of the Big Washington D.C. Anti-War Protest (Sisyphus, 1/29/07)

Top 11 Phoniest Names on the NRSC Pledge (Fuzzy Nitzsche, 1/28/07)

Top 11 Other Personal Goals of Mitch Berg (JB, 1/25/07)

Top 11 Worst Named Sports Arenas in North America (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 1/25/07)

Top 11 Interesting Facts About Uranus (Sisyphus, 1/24/07)

Top 11 Reasons Bill Parcells Has Retired as Coach of the Dallas Cowboys (Sisyphus, 1/22/07)

Top 11 Next Events to Cause Doomsday Clock to Move Closer to Midnight (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 1/19/07)

Top 11 Reasons US Cancer Rates Are Dropping (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 1/17/07)

Top 11 Team Names In Next Weekend's U.S. Pond Hockey Tournament (Chad the Elder, 1/12/07)

Top 11 Reasons That The Ohio State Lost To Florida Last Night (Chad the Elder, 1/09/07)

Top 11 Taunts We Would Have Made Had We Been Present at Saddam’s Hanging (Sisyphus, 1/08/07)

Top 11 Changes in Store Now That Nancy Pelosi has Given Power to “The Children” (Sisyphus, 1/06/07)

Top 11 Changes in Store for Minnesota Now That We Have A Communist Endorsed Secretary Of State (Sisyphus, 1/03/07)

Top 11 Reasons Why Glen Mason Thinks He Was Fired (Chad the Elder, 1/02/07)

December 2006

Top 11 Surprises in Saddam Hussein’s Will (Sisyphus, 12/29/06)

Top 11 Reasons Harry Reid is Skipping Gerald Ford’s State Funeral (Sisyphus, 12/28/06)

Top 11 Changes In Store For the StarTribune Now That It Has Been Sold To A Private Equity Group (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 12/27/06)

Top 11 Things We Don't Want To Find In Our Christmas Stocking (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 12/24/06)

Top 11 Things I'd Rather Do Than Watch The Vikings On Offense (Chad the Elder, 12/22/06)

Top 11 Shocking Revelations In The Documents That Sandy Berger Pilfered From The National Archives (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 12/21/06)

Top 11 Things Rosie O'Donnell and The Donald Are Fighting About (JB, 12/21/06)

Top 11 Reasons Former Minneapolis City Council Member Dean Zimmerman Is Looking Forward to Prison (Sisyphus, 12/20/06)

Top 11 Punishments for Tara Connor (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 12/19/06)

Top 11 Reasons Star Tribune Editor Anders Gyllenhaal Is Leaving to Become Editor of the Miami Herald (Sisyphus, 12/16/06)

Top 11 Reasons Evel Kneivel Is Suing Kanye West (JB, 12/13/06)

Top 11 Conferences Sponsored By The Iranian Government After They Finish Their Current Conference On Whether The Holocaust Happened (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 12/13/06)

Incoming House Intelligence Committee Chair Silvestre Reyes' Top 11 Ideas About Terrorism (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 12/12/06)

Top 11 Surprises In Kofi Annan’s Fairwell Speech (Sisyphus, 12/12/06)

Top 11 Reasons the People of Louisiana’s Second Congressional District Re-elected William “Ice Box” Jefferson (Sisyphus, 12/11/06)

Top 11 Baby Name Recommendations For Mary Cheney (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 12/09/06)

Top 11 Highlights of the Iraq Study Group Report (Sisyphus, 12/06/06)

Top 11 Names for Conservatives to Be Used in Future Star Tribune Editorials (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 12/05/06)

Top 11 Candidates for UN Ambassador That Would Be Confirmed By the Democrats (Sisyphus, 12/04/06)

Top 11 Books For Oaths Of Office (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 12/02/06)

November 2006

Top 11 Reasons Laura Billings Is Taking A Buyout From The Pioneer Press (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 11/30/06)

Top 11 Irreconcilable Differences Between Kid Rock & Pamela Anderson (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 11/27/06)

Top 11 Worst Things About The CBS Coverage Of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (Misanthropic Frat Boys, 11/24/06)

Top 11 Reasons Democrats Want To Reinstate The Draft (Sisyphus, 11/21/06)

Top 11 Promises To Katie Holmes In Tom Cruise's Wedding Vows (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 11/18/06)

Top 11 Things City Pages Bloggers Are Likely To Claim To Overhear At A Republican Election Night Party (Sisyphus, 11/16/06)

Top 11 Judi Dutcher Quotes If She Runs For Senate In 2008 (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 11/15/06)

Top 11 Predictions Made By Flash (JB, 11/15/06)

Top 11 Things That John Hinderaker & Garrison Keillor Have In Common (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/14/06)

Top 11 Things We Like About The Star Tribune (JB, 11/13/06)

Top 11 Groups Most Excited About The Democrats Taking Control of Congress (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 11/12/06)

Top 11 Suggestions For Democrats In The Wake Of Their Crushing Election Defeat (Sisyphus, 11/10/06)

Top 11 Condolences Given To Mike Hatch (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 11/09/06)

Top 11 Celebrity Couples Most Likely To Become The Third Big Break Up (Sisyphus, 11/08/06)

Top 11 Reasons CNN Cancelled John Hinderaker's Appearance on Larry King (Fuzzy Nietzsce, 11/07/06)

Top 11 Things That Larry King Will Ask Power Line's John Hinderaker Tonight On CNN (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 11/06/06)

Top 11 Notes On Mike Hatch's Hand During Friday's TPT Almanac Debate (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 11/06/06)

Top 11 Reasons Rebecca Otto Wasn’t Endorsed By The Star Tribune (Sisyphus, 11/05/06)

Top 11 "You So Ugly Jokes" (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 11/04/06)

Judi Dutcher’s Top 11 Reasons For Not Having Heard Of E-85 (Sisyphus, 11/03/06)

Top 11 Powerline Posts About Dartmouth (JB, 11/03/06)

Top 11 Reasons John Kerry Cancelled His Appearance In St. Paul Today (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 11/01/06)

October 2006

Top 11 Reasons To Write-In Captain Ed For Mayor Of Eagan (Sisyphus, 10/31/06)

Top 11 Ways The Dixie Chicks Have Been Oppressed (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 10/29/06)

Top 11 Ways Democrats Will Spin James Webb’ Literary Work (Sisyphus, 10/28/06)

Top 11 Songs To Be Featured In The Next Democrat/Michael J. Fox Commercial (JB, 10/27/06)

Top 11 Things That I Don't Want To See At Mass (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/17/06)

Top 11 Songs from Wellstone! the Musical (Fuzzy Nietzsche, 10/13/06)

Top 11 Reasons Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid Didn’t File Financial Disclosure Reports On a Las Vegas Land Deal That Made Him $1.1 Million (Sisyphus, 10/12/06)

Top 11 Reasons That Comparing Jimmy Carter To Neville Chamberlain Is An Insult To Chamberlain (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/12/06)

Top 11 Other Surprising Studies in the Lancet (Sisyphus, 10/11/06)

Top 11 Reasons That Comparing Bush To Hitler Is An Insult To Hitler (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/11/06)

Top 11 Democratic Reponses To The North Korean Atomic Bomb Test (Sisyphus, 10/09/06)

Top 11 Things That Atomizer Could Have Bought Instead Of Twins Playoff Tickets (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/06/06)

Top 11 Magazines More Interesting Than The Claremont Review of Books (JB, 10/05/06)

Top 11 Upcoming Patty Wetterling Accusations (Sisyphus, 10/05/06)

Top 11 Causes of Congressman Foley's Disgusting Actions (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/04/06)

Top 11 Questions That Congressman Mark Foley Asked Teenage Boys In E-mails & Instant Messages (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 10/02/06)

September 2006

Top 11 Dustin Diamond Sex Acts Caught On Tape Besides The Dirty Sanchez (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 9/29/06)

Top 11 Things For Hugh Hewitt To Do In The Twin Cities During The 2008 GOP Convention (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 9/28/06)

Top 11 Reasons the GOP Has Chosen To Hold Its 2008 National Convention In The Twin Cities (Sisyphus, 9/27/06)

Top 11 Revelations In The Recently Declassified National Intelligence Estimate (Sisyphus, 9/27/06)

Top 11 Things That Bill Clinton Was More Obsessed With During His Presidency Than Osama Bin Laden (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 9/25/06)

Top 18 Password Guesses Made By The Democrat Who Hacked Into Mark Kennedy's Campaign Computer (Sisyphus, 9/22/06)

Top 11 Candidates For The Newly Vacant Position Of Communications Director For The Amy Klobuchar Campaign (Sisyphus, 9/21/06)

Top 11 People The Democrats Equate With George W. Bush (Nihilist in Golf Pants, 9/21/06)

Top 11 Pieces Of Evidence Hugo Chavez Has That Bush Is The Devil (Sisyphus, 9/20/06)

Notre Dame’s Top 11 Excuses For Being Routed By Michigan (Sisyphus, 9/18/06)

Top 11 Things That The Power Line Guys Were Doing On Tuesday (Misanthropic Frat Boy, 9/13/06)

Top 11 Other Ultimatums from Brad Pitt (Sisyphus 9/09/06)

Top 11 Democratic Complaints About the ABC 9-11 Mini-Series (Sisyphus. 9/07/07)

Top 11 Thoughts That Went Through My Head While Watching The Steven Seagal Film "Hard To Kill" On Wednesday Night (Nihilist in Golf Pants. 9/07/06)

Top 11 Katie Couric Sign-Off Phrases (Sisyphus, 9/06/06)

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