Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Top 11 Alumni That Make The University of Michigan Proud

11. Ted Kaczynski, MA’64, PhD’ 67 - the Unibomber

10. "Little" Dick Gephardt,JD’65 - Failed Democratic Presidential nomination seeker

9. John DeLorean, MBA’57 - Auto executive who was caught in an FBI cocaine sting operation that led to a high profile trial for federal fraud and racketeering related to money he stole from the company

8. Carolyn Warmus, ’86, - Accused of killing her lover’s wife, and her trial became known in the press as the “fatal attraction” murder case

7. Mike Wallace, ’39 - Muckraker

6. Herman Webster Mudgett, MD1884 - Believed to be America’s first serial killer

5. Anthony Carter, ’78-’82 - Minnesota Viking known for refusing to put his "best foot forward"

4. Richard A. Loeb ’22 - Half of child-killing duo Leopold and Loeb

3. Hugh Hewitt JD'83 - Radio shock jock

2. Judd Winick, ’92 - Smug, politically correct liberal from MTV's "Real World:San Francisco"

1. Dr. Jack Kevorkian MD’52, MDres’58 - “Dr. Death,” known for his role in assisted suicides


Blogger Margaret said...

Hey, I used to date a guy at Michigan who looked like the unibomber. They are a dime a dozen there. The real one was a little before my time.

DeLorean was just obsessed, not unlike the unibomber.And Carolyn Warmus) for that matter. He would have sold his body for spare parts if would have bailed out his dream of being a viable sports car

I never knew about the first serial killer. That's pretty amazing when you figure that the class of 1888 was probably a lot smaller than the other ones.

I think the Michigan med student who helped defend Northfield against Jesse James cancels him out anyway.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

Oh and what's the knock on Carter? I guess I never heard any kind of scandal associated with him. I know he was never as good as a Pro as he was in College but he wouldn't be the first guy to not make the transition.I recall that he went to the (flopped) USFL out of college which probably didn't do him any good stats wise. After that, I remember he had some bad injuries.That's all I know.

From what I have read, he's an upstanding guy, a Christian and does a lot of charity work. I think I read too that he has a disabled son, who he dotes on.

Regardless of what happened to him after college, he's the only one in your list who will bring a smile to a Michigan Football Fan's face even in the suckiest of seasons. I can tell you, that he was exciting to watch, especially when contrasted with Bo's visually boring favorite, the ground game. So yes, AC does still make some of us proud.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12. Larry Elder, '77 - Syndicated Radio Talk Show host, self proclaimed 'Sage from South Central' and also self proclaimed 'Uncle Tom'. Larry is the real deal.

11:12 PM  

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