Monday, March 26, 2007

Top 11 Reasons That The Gopher Hockey Team Lost To North Dakota

11. Minnesota has a lousy hockey commissioner

10. Jeff Frazee thought Eric Johnson was talking about post-game meal when he was yelling "Wrap!"

9. Don Lucia's lost the magic ever since he let his hair go gray

8. Lucia's pregame inspirational speech quoted liberally from RT Rybak's state of the city address

7. North Dakota stole the Arc of the Covenant from a government warehouse and used its powers to generate quick whistles from the refs

6. Engelstad's heirs own a lot of Halliburton stock

5. Several Gopher players suffering from effects of peroxide poisoning

4. Gopher's still reeling from news that Dean Johnson was named new U of M Regent

3. Global warming hasn't impacted youth hockey player development as much in Canada as it has in Minnesota

2. Minnesota at a considerable disadvantage, due to lack of state government funding for higher education

1. North Dakota fans destroyed Frazee's confidence by calling him a sieve, leading him to give up a goal on a play that usually only works in high school


Anonymous john f not kerry said...

Gopher players upset that North Dakota hasn't dropped "Fighting Sioux" nickname

5:28 PM  

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