Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top 11 Reasons Barak Obama Won't Wear An American Flag Lapel Pin

11. The Koran prohibits the wearing of pins

10. Reminds him of that crappy song by the Searchers

9. His gesture of solidarity with Cosmo Kramer, who bravely refused to wear an AIDS ribbon

8. Red, white and blue clash with his brown eyes

7. Didn't want to remove his Twisted Sister pin

6. Never emotionally recovered from a tragic 3rd grade "pin the tail on the donkey" accident

5. Refuses because he likes pissing off George Stephanopoulos

4. Doesn't love America as much as Hillary

3. Whenever he sees the head of a pin it reminds him of Paul Wellstone's tragic death

2. Worried that wearing the pin might cost him the vehement anti-American vote

1. Afraid Niedermeyer would smash his fat face


Anonymous snob dog said...

wearing an american flag lapel pin makes him feel like a pennsylvania yokel

5:11 PM  

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