Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You Hate Me! You Really Hate Me!

I must admit that I am a little surprised by the results of our most hated team in the NCAA Hockey Frozen Four quiz. The most hated team ended up being the Nihilist’s favorite, Notre Dame.

If this poll were about football, I would agree. But Notre Dame is a nonentity in hockey and no one hates a nonentity. I suspect that the Nihilist and our large number of pro-Notre Dame readers are responsible. They WISH their hockey team were hated.

Only the teams that have had a lot of success are hated – the L.A. Lakers, Dallas Cowboys, Boston Red Sox, Duke Basketball, and Minnesota Hockey. This vote is nothing more than another act of arrogance by the Nihilist and his Notre Dame buddies. No wonder everyone hates those Notre Dame bastards.

Which hockey team would you LEAST like to see win the Frozen Four?
Boston College 13%
Michigan 21%
North Dakota 16%
Notre Dame 29%
I hate them all equally 21%

Anyway, no need to worry. Michigan should make light work of Notre Dame, whom they’ve already beaten twice. I stand by my previous prediction of North Dakota over BC and Michigan over North Dakota in the final.

Nihilist Taunts: Suck it, haters! The Irish are in the finals, while the overrated WCHA has long gone home. Go Irish!


Blogger ganderson said...

I'm looking forward to attending the games today, even though I hate all the teams - oh wait- American canceled my flight- I won't be going- thanks, Jim Oberstar!

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