Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Keeping My Eye On You, Kid

I've found a blog that I'm watching to potentially add to the top 11 list. Here's a sample:

Obama cannot win because of his abortion vote. Howard Dean is an idiot again!

Obama's arrogance and misogyny are getting the best of him. The personal way that he attacks Hillary is an attack on all feminist boomer democrats too. Ferraro tried to warn him about his sexism, but his arrogant spin instead accused her of racism. He has played the race card over and over. You can't have it both ways Barack. You can't be for-against Israel either.

Who is this mystery blogger?

Mitch Berg? No first person reference, so it can't be him.

Kevin Ecker? Nothing about immigration, so it can't be him.

Andy Aplikowski? All the words are spelled correctly, so it can't be him.

No, this new blogger is none other than Rosanne Barr.


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