Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Top 11 Reasons CNN Cancelled John Hinderaker's Appearance on Larry King

11. King Refuses to work with anyone of Dutch ancestry

10. They thought they were getting the one nicknamed "Big Trunk"

9. They realized Power Line has nothing to do with fly fishing

8. Found out he was Lutheran and Lutherans believe that the Pope is the anti-Christ

7. Became very jealous after listening to the latest PowerLine podcast

6. CNN concerned about projecting a conservative bias

5. Let's just say that Dan Rather and King are old drinking buddies

4. Ted Turner found out he was a former NARN Loon of the Week

3. They heard about Hinderaker's proclivity for profanity

2. Bumped for breaking news from local Pizza Hut that Kirstie Allie is off her diet

1. Afraid that Hinderaker would appear on the show like he blogs - without pants!


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