Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Top 11 Reasons To Write-In Captain Ed For Mayor Of Eagan

Captain Ed is running a write in campaign for Mayor of Eagan. Here are the top 11 reasons he deserves your vote:

11. He will insist that Inver Grove Heights and Apple Valley give Eagan lebensraum

10. After Canada, Eagan next on his list of governments to bring down

9. A nautical man is needed to shore up the cities defenses along the Minnesota River

8. Captain Fishsticks doesn't live in Eagan and is therefore ineligible

7. Spellbinding live blogs of City Council meetings

6. Has promised to enact strict BO-concentration regulations in Eagan radio studios

5. If he fails, hey, it's only Eagan

4. It would be a great stepping stone to a really good government office, like Soil and Water Commissioner

3. Eagan will receive more Instapundit links

2. Ed's steady-handed normalcy is needed now more than ever in the wake of the Reese Witherspoon-Ryan Phillipe break-up

1. Promises to govern like he blogs - without pants!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where in the hell is Cynical Vikings Guy today? He's got to have some comment on that debacle last night. I was there. It was even worse in person because you saw it all happening instead of narrow camera angles.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Craig Westover said...

If Ed wins, I would like to be ambassador to Eagan

1:45 PM  

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