Saturday, October 28, 2006

Top 11 Ways Democrats Will Spin James Webb’ Literary Work

The novel written by Virginia Democratic Senate candidate James Webb contains a graphic description of a sexual act between a man and a boy. Here are the top 11 ways that Webb and the Democrats are or will attempt to spin this:

11. He was still a Republican when he wrote that novel

10. Search through every word of every one of his novels and you won’t find the word “M*caca”

9. According to Bill Clinton, that isn’t even a sex act

8. At least he didn’t IM the novel to Congressional Pages

7. Gary Glitter thought that it was great art

6. His publisher wanted him to tap the virtually untouched NAMBLA market

5. There are all kinds of scenes like this in Shakespeare

4. A popular pop singer has optioned the film rights, so it can’t be too out of the mainstream

3. It’s not hypocritical for a Democrat to be a disgusting pervert

2. It’s Bush’s fault!

1. Lynne Cheney’s children’s books are much more perverted – if you decode her codewords


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