Friday, November 03, 2006

Top 11 Powerline Posts About Dartmouth

Powerline likes to write about Dartmouth. I guess I can't blame them. If I had gone to a storied Ivy League institution instead of the POS "U" (barely eeking out a cheesy BA degree in a mere 9 years)I would write about it a lot too.

So with that in mind here are the Top 11 headlines from recent Powerline posts regarding Dartmouth:

11. Gridiron Heroics Against Columbia Raises Dartmouth's Record to 1-5

10. A Freshman And His Roommate Got Drunk Last Night At Dartmouth

09. Dartmouth To Admit My Nephew

08. Dartmouth Recently Ranked One Of The Top 100 Schools In America

07. Dartmouth To Begin Offering History Classes

06. Football Factory Harvard Beats Dartmouth 28-0

05. Vote For PowerLine Puppets for Dartmouth Board Of Trustees

04. Administrators Tend To Be Liberals At Dartmouth

03. People Wear A Lot Of Plaid At Dartmouth

02. Dartmouth Alumni Unusually Good-Looking and Rich

01. Dartmouth, Dartmouth, Dartmouth!


Anonymous john f not kerry said...

"Ivy grows on brick walls at Dartmouth"

12:19 PM  
Blogger Nicko McDave said...

You can ratchet the snob factor up to an "11" by reading this post aloud and pronouncing Dartmouth to rhyme with "Vermouth".

(That's what you call "dry" humor. Heh.)

12:53 PM  

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