Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Top 11 Honorary Degrees the University of Minnesota is Considering In Addition to Doctor of Climatology for Al Gore

11. Britney Spears, Doctor of Hairdressing

10. Vox Day, Masters of Women’s Studies

9. Judi Dutcher, Masters of Bio Based Sciences

8. Kate Parry, Doctor of Child Psychology

7. Anna Nicole Smith, Doctor of Mortuary Science

6. Paul Reubens, Masters of His Domain

5. Amanda Marcotte, Doctor of Religious Studies

4. Brad Childress - Doctor of Game Theory and Strategy

3. Al Franken, Doctor of Pharmacology

2. NIGP, Associates' Degree in accounting

1. Barak Obama, Doctor of Audacity


Anonymous GoreEffect said...

charlize theron doctor of free speech

3:03 PM  

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