Thursday, February 08, 2007

Top 11 Next WSJ Pieces By Mark "The Commoner" Yost

11. Hot dish- the "new" ethnic food
10. Shoveling the driveway- my life without a doorman
09. Long Underwear- It ain't Versace
08. Bratwurst- The Coney Dogs of the Midwest
07. Crime - They even have it in Minneapolis now
06. Pickups--people actually drive these things?
05. The procurement of fish through holes in a frozen lake--my weekend odyssey
04. Chopping firewood--my weekend odyssey
03. Swapping the alternator in a '93 Lumina--my weekend odyssey
02. Old Country Buffet--pay once, but eat all you like
01. I ate a McRib


Anonymous CTE said...

Jumper Cables-More than just instruments of torture

10:15 PM  

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