Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lights Out

Those crazy Californians are at it again. In an effort to combat global warming (as I write this it is 7 degrees Fahrenheit in Minneapolis) they are seriously considering banning light bulbs. Here is a list of the top eleven things they are considering banning and their stated reason:

11. Light bulbs (global warming)
10. SUVs (global warming)
9. Guns (violent crime)
8. The Term "illegal immigrant" (offends liberal do-gooders)
7. Smoking (second hand smoke contributes to lung cancer)
6. Manger Scenes (offends atheists)
5. Beef (mad cow disease)
4. Crucifixes (offends Muslims)
3. The Free Market (offends a majority of the California population)
2. The 5 Day Work Week (offends Hugh Hewitt)
1. The American Flag (offends illegal immigrants)


Anonymous John F Not Kerry said...

12. Rational thought (offends leftist crazies)

13. Reasoned debate (offends liberals who can only respond with ad hominem attacks)

9:53 AM  

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