Sunday, January 28, 2007

Top 11 Phoniest Names on the NRSC Pledge

I think Hugh Hewitt's heart is in the right place with his NRSC pledge. Those wobbly weather vane Republican Senators need to be reminded that getting reelected will be based on more than pandering to the opposite base. But the hammer being utilized, threatened withholding of financial contributions to the NRSC or specific candidates, seems a little flimsy. My observations tell me that bloggers and blog readers aren't exactly the financial lifeline of the party. These folks in particular seem even less likely to put their money where they mouths are:

11. Mike Hunt (14446)

10. Mike Hunt Hurtz (9898)

9. IP Freely (13753)

8. Buttley Fuquer (5346)

7. Ima Buttsnorkel (13301)

6. Dean Barnett

5. Offal Discharge (15626)

4. Dick Pinch (8379)

3. Heywood Jebuzzoff (16328)

2. Anita Cock and Dick Hurtz (16321)

1. Huckleberry Buttsizer (6420)


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