Friday, May 09, 2008

Top 11 Reasons Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak Didn't Pay His Speeding Ticket Fine & Had His License Suspended

11. He has Keith Ellison advising him on paying traffic tickets

10. Since when do mayors pay their tickets?

9. Felt he was perfectly justified in fleeing Olmstead County and its gun and God clinging residents as rapidly as possible

8. Thought that losing his license would help him to reduce his carbon footprint

7. Philosophically opposed to sending money from the Twin Cities metro area to outstate Minnesota

6. Still maintains that it's physically impossible to speed in his Prius

5. Felt that his NARN interview with Mitch Berg was punishment enough

4. He's about to declare Minneapolis a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants and those with speeding tickets

3. Was expecting state Local Government Assistance to pick it up for him

2. Al Franken's accountant told him he only had to pay $140 of the $220 ticket

1. Barack Obama promised to pardon him after he's elected


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