Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Top 11 Less Strenuous Jobs For Tavaris Jackson

After last night's performance, it's become quite apparent that Tavaris Jackson is not up the physical and mental challenges of being an NFL quarterback (little was asked, less was given). We think it's time for Jackson to think about a career change. In order to assist him in this process, here's our list of less demanding jobs that he should consider given his qualifications:

11. Journalist for the Minnesota Independent

10. Chair of the economics department at St. Cloud State University

9. Star Tribune sports writer

8. MSNBC prime time host

7. University of Minnesota head football coach

6. Community organizer

5. Code Pink protestor

4. Decider Of When Life Begins

3. Maytag repairman

2. Vendor at CivicFest

1. US Senator


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