Friday, September 05, 2008

Top 11 Thoughts John Hinderaker Shared with the Code Pink Protestors

John Hinderaker was in the Excel arena last night to live blog John McCain's speech. As you would expect from a Pajamas Media credentialed journalist, he was right in the middle of the breaking news:

There were two Code Pink protesters who had to be dragged out. They pulled them up the aisle right next to where I'm sitting. I shared some thoughts with them.

According to sources, here are the Top 11 thoughts he might have shared with the Code Prink protestors:

11) I'm glad you're here. We've all been dying to know what you think about the war.

10) May I suggest you use the nightstick, officer?

9) I have some urine for you to toss right here (ZZZZIP).

8) You are lucky the Big Trunk isn't here, he would deliver to you a proper thrashing!

7) Need a good lawyer? Take my card, please!

6) Where do you get your armpit hair styled?

5) I hear Guantanamo is nice this time of year.

4) You ladies have the boorish manners of a Yalie.

3) With that attitude you're never going to find yourself a husband.

2) Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

1) That same thing that Dick Cheney said to Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor.


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