Thursday, September 04, 2008

Top 11 Reasons Sisyphus Isn't In This Picture

11. He was too busy organizing his community

10. Had already bought tickets to see the Missile Dick Chicks perform at the same time

9. Complete DVD box set of "The O.C." arrived this week

8. Busy trying to figure out how to hook up with Grace Kelly

7. He was busy consoling Andy

6. Waiting by the phone to take press inquiries about whether or not he is the father of Bristol Palin's child

5. Called back to work when a stop light went out in Beijing

4. Went to the City Pages Best Right Wing Blogger Alumni Party instead

3. Restraining order still in effect

2. Heard about great party hosted by Star Tribune columnist, mistakenly went to Nick Coleman's house

1. Participating in an on-line fantasy football draft that night


Chad the Elder:
JB Doubtless is banned from Jasperwood, so we can invite someone else to the big Lileks party.

We should invite out good buddy, Sisyphus. Mary Katharine Ham will be at the party and Sisyphus has been an admirer of hers going back to even before he knew how hot she was.

St. Paul:
No, no, it would be funnier to not invite him and then taunt him about it!

Yes, that would be hilarious! Now let’s go push old ladies into puddles!


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