Thursday, September 11, 2008

Top 11 Things Dave Thune Might Have Said In His Email

St. Paul City Councilman Dave Thune is making news for his constituent service. According to KSTP, he recently responded to an inquiry by a voter as follows:

"[expletive] you little [expletive]".

We thank KSTP for protecting our delicate sensibilities by not printing the verbatim transcription of his words. But it forces us now to speculate on what he really said. The top 11 possibilities:

11) Thank you little buddy.

10) Oh, you little scamp!

9) Cough up you little taxpayer.

8) Stop smoking in bars you little smoker.

7) Puke you little lobbyist.

6) Just try to vote me out of office you little Republican.

5) Silence, you little peasant.

4) Venerate me, you little mortal!

3) Lipstick you little pig.

2) Guerrier you little Crain.

1) Die you little Eichman!


Blogger King said...

2) Guerrier you little Crain.

Painful, just painful.

10:48 AM  

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