Thursday, August 07, 2008

Top 11 Reasons Favre Would Rather Play In New York Than Green Bay

11. Jets fans don't walk around pretending they're team owners because the team sold them a piece of paper

10. Doesn't have to look at cheesehead-wearing rubes in stands anymore

9. No Jet is stupid enough to leap into the stands at the Meadowlands

8. Not as many obsessive stalkers in New York

7. Wants to be the next Rick Mirer

6. Blaze orange not a popular fashion statement in New York

5. Less urine smell in the streets than in Green Bay

4. Secretly has always preferred Coneys to brats

3. Less stench coming from the East River than from the average Packer fan

2. Street dealers offer cheaper Vicodin prices

1. It's more convenient for John Madden to fawn over him in New York


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