Thursday, August 07, 2008

Top 11 Barack Obama Comments During His Breakfast Stop at the Copper Dome in St. Paul

According to reports, on his way out of town from a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser in Minneapolis, Barack Obama stopped by the Copper Dome restaurant in St. Paul for a few minutes to mix with the common folk. Some comments we suspect we would have overheard him say:

11) You want waffles? Let me show you my most recent policy positions.

10) If all American restaurants had their toasters properly tuned we wouldn't need any more nuclear power plants.

9) That man ordering "hash browns" is playing the race card.

8) How do I want my eggs? You must be a proxy for the McCain campaign.

7) I'd prefer a Danish or an English muffin to the American fries,

6) You ran out of bread? Bring that basket over here and let me see what I can do.

5) Tell Franken we'll leave him some leftovers out by the dumpster.

4) What do you mean by asking if I want my coffee "black"?

3) If Americans would harness the power of the breakfast burrito, we wouldn't have a gas crisis in this country.

2) We are the Eggs Benedict we've been waiting for.

1) Wait a minute, I thought this place was a mosque!?


Anonymous Night Writer said...

Gee, and I always liked going to the Copper Dome. Oh well, I guess if I can still eat at Tavern on Grand after Gorbachev visited, then I can still eat at the Copper Dome.

Now if Bacon were making an appearance at the Copper Dome....mmm, mmm, mmm.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous goreffect said...

12- please dont take pictures when I eat my bacon ok?

9:17 PM  

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