Tuesday, September 26, 2006


NOTE FROM SISYPHUS: I distance myself from this paranoid rant by Cynical Vikings Guy. I initially refused to put it up, but CVG accused me of squelching his free speech and of being a part of the conspiracy. So here it is, you can make up your own mind:

I was preparing a post on how Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback Brad Johnson needs to be replaced (one touchdown pass in three games) but I couldn’t bring myself to call for Brooks Bollinger to be the new starter. Who I really wanted to start was strong-armed rookie Tarvris Jackson, who looked pretty good in the pre-season. But, Tarvaris had a mysterious “knee injury” in practice that required “knee surgery”.

WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME A BACKUP QUARTERBACK HAD A SERIOUS INJURY IN PRACTICE? It just does NOT happen. I propose that this so-called injury is being FAKED by Childress and the Viking’s staff because they know that Vikings fans have had about enough of Brad Johnson and want to see what the rookie can do. But Childress can’t bring himself to admit that he was wrong about Johnson and can’t stand the heat of a quarterback controversy.

Before you say that this could never happen, ask yourself this: Have you seen the MRI? And if so, are you absolutely sure that that is Tarvaris’ torn meniscus you’re looking at? Has anyone actually witnessed this alleged knee surgery? Come clean Childress! The secret is out! You can’t fool true Vikings fans any longer. We call on Tarvaris Jackson to start next week against Buffalo! WE ARE NOT FOOLED BY A FAKE CAST! If Childress won’t start Tarvaris, BRING IN A COACH WHO WILL!

P.S. If Tarvaris is really injured, why didn’t the Vikings pick up a third quarterback for the Chicago game? NFL teams never go into a game without a third quarterback for emergencies. I’m sure Mike McMahon was still available.


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