Thursday, September 21, 2006

Top 11 Candidates For The Newly Vacant Position Of Communications Director For The Amy Klobuchar Campaign

11. G. Gordon Liddy

10. That guy Matthew Broderick played in “WarGames”

9. Bobby Riggs

8. Gordon Riese

7. Rep. William “Icebox” Jefferson

6. Colleen Rowley

5. Ding Guangen

4. John Dean

3. Richard Armitage

2. Martha Stewart

1. Anyone who can communicate why it is a terrible affront to the Constitution to eavesdrop on terrorists but merely “exercising poor judgment” to receive information stolen off your political opponent’s website


Blogger Chad The Elder said...

Baghdad Bob
Milton Waddams

Jeffrey Lee Parson

Mr. Charrington

10:37 AM  
Blogger Norwegianity said...

Interesting that you had to use the names of five prominent Republicans in your list, and in fact only listed two Democrats (three if you count Rowley, but I've got her on my Republican list since that's how she voted in 2000).

11:35 AM  
Blogger Sisyphus said...

I don’t see how you get five prominent Republicans; I only count two, Liddy and Armitage. I know nothing of the political affiliations of Riggs or Riese, but if they are Republicans, they certainly aren’t prominent ones. Dean and Rowley may have once been Republicans, but they certainly are not now. Guangen is a communist and the guy Matthew Broderick played in WarGames is a fictional character whose party affiliation was never developed. Jefferson and Stewart are definitely Democrats. Don’t even think about trying to fob Martha off on us – she is a long time big donor to the Democratic Party. Obviously, only a Democrat could fulfill number one.

8:23 PM  
Blogger Norwegianity said...

Damnit, I hate when I forget to come back to these things.

Republicans: G. Gordon Liddy, Bobby Riggs (part of his public schtick during the Billy Jean King farce), Coleen Rowley (voted for Bush in 2000 — hey, no one on my side thinks she's one of us, just that she's better than Kline — the woman is a real conservative and you should be glad to claim her), John Dean (I think the guy is still very conservative, just critical of the current Republican leadership), and Richard Armitage.

You may not agree but I credited you on my blog as becoming a bit more critical of your own folk, much as I often was during Clinton's reign.

By the way, it took some guessing but I finally added the right word to your URL and found your hidden porn stash.

Interesting choice of subjects . . . .

6:48 PM  

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