Friday, September 22, 2006

Cynical Viking Guy’s Memo To The Vikings “Brain” Trust: Many Of Your Fans Also Root For The Twins

Just as I had already expected, the new Vikings regime is proving itself to be every bit as stupid as the old one.

The issue involves a possible scheduling conflict in the Metrodome. If the Twins win the American League Central, they will have a home playoff game scheduled on October 8 – the same day the Vikings are scheduled to play the Lions at home. In previous years, the Twins’ lease gave them priority in post-season scheduling conflicts and the Vikings simply moved their game to Monday night. But now the Twins are operating in the Metrodome without a lease and the Vikings are arguing that they don’t necessarily have to move their game to the next night. The Vikings may be legally correct, but even suggesting that they may not make way for a Twins playoff run proves that they are PR boneheads.

Hey, Vikings brain trust, I know you’re new in town, so I’ll clue you in: THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THIS TOWN THAT LIKE BOTH THE VIKINGS AND THE TWINS. I know this may come as a shock to you, but some may even become a little testy with you if you try to move a Twins playoff game (and may never forgive you if you succeed in costing the Twins a home playoff game or even just disrupt the Twins pitching rotation).

Here’s another fact you may be unaware of: IT IS NOT AT ALL UNPRECEDENTED TO PLAY AN NFL GAME ON A MONDAY NIGHT.


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