Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top 11 Revelations in Scott McClellan’s New Book

11. Everyone in the Bush administration was evil and an idiot (except for Scott McClellan)

10. Scott McClellan has a perfect record of nailing every female White House correspondent since 2003.

9. He always hated it when Rove snidely compared him to the Civil War general of the same last name

8. The hurricane machine is real, and it's spectacular

7. He began to turn against Bush after he gave McClellan the nickname "Koko" instead of "T-bone"

6. Scott McClellan’s family was being held in Guantanamo Bay and threatened with torture if he didn’t lie for the administration

5. Dick Cheney actually ordered Hamilton Lux to dump toxic waste into Half-Moon Bay

4. America didn't even import foreign oil until 2001

3. Donald Rumsfeld barred Scott McClellan from important meetings because he was jealous that Scott McClellan was so good looking.

2. Whenever he asked the President for information he was told to “Just get it directly from Limbaugh”

1. The publishing royalty for a political expose is 250% higher than for a plain old memoir


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Helen Thomas is surprisingly rational and coherent when you get her alone.

(John F Not Kerry)

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