Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom Likes Juice

In honor of Mother's Day, today Major League Baseball encouraged its players to use special pink bats. These bats will be auctioned off and the proceeds raise money to fight breast cancer. It is a worthy and noble cause.

But just how much encouragement did Major League Baseball offer to sluggers in order to get them to participate. These are macho guys here, guys unlikely to swing a pink bat.

Perhaps the bats were corked. They are being auctioned off, so they can't be tested. The average runs per game in Major League Baseball today was exactly 10.5, with only one game featuring less than seven runs. Our local heros were involved in a 9-8 thriller that featured not one, but two home runs from Craig Monroe, who isn't going to be confused with Barry Bonds anytime soon, except maybe by Barak Obama's grandmother.

I'm willing to look the other way, although it's a lot easier to say that after a Twins win.

Edited to add that the 2008 YTD average runs per game was less than 9.0 prior to Sunday.


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