Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Top 11 Reasons That The Ohio State Lost To Florida Last Night

11. Buckeyes overconfident after listening to Hugh Hewitt's radio show all last week

10. Maurice Clarett should still be eligible to play, but he's in prison

9. The Art Schlichter money was on the Gators

8. Concerned that if they play too well they may be drafted by the Vikings

7. Jim Tressel has been distracted and looking over his shoulder ever since he heard Glen Mason was on the market again

6. Buckeye players worried that extended bowl season would cause them to miss too much class

5. Buckeyes finally realized just how gay Jim Tressel's vest really is

4. Buckeyes thought they might get more national TV games next season if they played like Notre Dame

3. At coin flip, John McCain made a last minute deal with refs to screw the Buckeyes

2. Inspirational pre-game speech given by Dennis Kucinich

1. Troy Smith thought that showing he could choke in the big game would help get him drafted by the Cleveland Browns


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I'm clipping and saving this one. It may prove useful material some day...

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