Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Top 11 Reasons Why Glen Mason Thinks He Was Fired

11. Minnesota fans don't appreciate how difficult it is to get a bowl invitation

10. He was too open and affable with media and fans

9. That coach for Boise State ruined the curve by going undefeated and winning the Fiesta Bowl in his first season (anyone can win at a football school like Boise State)

8. He was the victim of negative and biased media coverage, especially from WCCO

7. The "Fire Mason" chants, even at hockey games, crushed his self-esteem making it hard to come up with a decent prevent-defense

6. Academic standards at the U of M are too high

5. He didn't toot his own horn often enough

4. New outdoor stadium scared away potential recruits from warm weather climates

3. Spiraling Minneapolis crime rate scared away potential recruits from all other states

2. Tough non-conference schedule against teams like Kent State and Temple wore down the team for the Big Ten season

1. No one could follow a football legend like Jim Wacker


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After 6 bowl games, it's obvious that the U just wanted to give Mason an out so he can replace Brad childress when Childress is fired this week.

1:32 PM  

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