Thursday, December 28, 2006

Top 11 Reasons Harry Reid is Skipping Gerald Ford’s State Funeral

11. Reid has shied away from funerals always ever since the Wellstone memorial service debacle

10. Considered Ford's policies radical and out of the mainstream

9. It wouldn’t be fair to the President of Peru to get his hopes up by agreeing to a meeting and then crush his dreams by canceling it

8. George Soros hasn't given him permission to go

7. Ford’s the guy who lost to Jimmy Carter and thus crippled the Democratic Party for decades

6. Irrational fear that Ford will somehow nail him with an errant drive from beyond the grave

5. Busy replacing Bill Frist's tacky office drapes

4. Agrees with Cindy Sheehan that Ford’s pardon of Nixon is one of the factors that led to the Gulf War

3. Busy giving an interview to Bob Woodward for release after his own death

2. Going to funerals is the Vice Majority Leader’s job

1. Checking out a couple of land deals in Vegas that are "too good to be true"


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