Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top 11 Shocking Revelations In The Documents That Sandy Berger Pilfered From The National Archives

11. After embassy bombings, Bill Clinton ordered bombing of Alka Seltzer factory, not aspirin factory

10. The Clinton team successfully covered up the fact that Bill gave Monica Lewenski a "Dirty Sanchez"

9. Disturbing surveillance photos of Danny Devito banging his wife in the Lincoln Bedroom

8. Sandy Berger's favorite game at State Dinners -- Guess What's in My Pants?

7. Michael Jordan's autograph on basketball that Madeline Albright presented to Kim Jung Il was fake

6. Transcript of cell phone intercepts of Berger having phone sex with Lady Di

5. William Perry used to lead singing rounds of "Give Peace A Chance" at cabinet meetings

4. Bruce Springsteen actually wrote the tender romantic ballad "Sandy" about Berger

3. Clinton refused CIA advice to deliver a vigorous finger waving to Al Qaeda to demonstrate America's resolve

2. Minutes showing that Al Gore asked "What is this E85 stuff, again?" at almost every cabinet meeting

1. Al Gore once suggested nominating Judge Reinhold to Supreme Court


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