Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Top 11 Reasons Evel Kneivel Is Suing Kanye West

Evel is suing Kanye. Here are the Top 11 reasons:

11. Kanye's career is about to impersonate Evel's Snake River canyon jump

10. Kanye's public appearances parody brain injured people like Evel

09. Evel is angry that Kanye interrupted his "Where are they now?" award with a profanity laced tirade

08. Kanye publicly blamed Evel for Hurricane Katrina

07. Wanted to try a truly dangerous stunt: getting involved in a rap feud

06. Evel is afraid his fans will get confused and start thinking he’s a 28 year old rapper

05. Needed cash after being successfully sued by Bozo the Clown for stealing his hairdo

04. Evel defamed when Kayne left him off the list of those who hate black people

03. The name "Kayne" is discriminatory toward those who have problems with pronunciation

02. Was jealous that Scott Johnson wrote a long piece about the Importance of Kanye's music

01. "Racism" (the City Pages reason anything happens)


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