Thursday, December 07, 2006

Keepin' It Real World

Everyone knows that The Real World is hit and miss. Some seasons are boring and terrible. However not this year. In a mere 3 episodes of The Real World Denver we have met:
  • Jennifer, who in episode 1 has the classic quote, "The next thing I know, I'm having sex." Perplexing how that could happen. She's referring to relations with:
  • Alex, who, after bedding Jen in episode 1, gets it on in episode 2 with another house bimbo:
  • Colie, who is not named after a dog, though she seems to have some self-esteem issues
  • Brook is a name you might expect from a hosebag, although she's managed to keep her pants on in the first 3 episodes
  • Stephen is unusual for The Real World. He's a black Republican and actually seems to have some morals and intelligence. Of course, he ends up rooming with gayster:
  • Davis, who doesn't appreciate his morality. Or something. Later Davis gets really drunk and proves he is a potentially a very stupid racist as he picks a fight with and uses the n-word to describe:
  • Tyrie, who is a huge fellow that doesn't appreciate having the n-word used to describe him. Then again, neither does Stephen.

Amazingly, Tyrie shows discretion and refuses to punch Davis. The next morning Stephen and Tyrie accept an apology from Davis and convince him that they all can live together. No mention of singing Kumbaya is found, although it would have been in keeping with the tone of the show.

Guarantees in the next few episode:

  • Lots of whoring around
  • Roomates are given a cushy job that they manage to screw up
  • Someone learns that being gay really isn't a choice

Real World, welcome back!

UPDATE: I almost forgot to mention the most comical moment in the show's brief run. Before having sex in episode 2, Colie asks Alex to make a pledge that they will remain faithful to each other for 24 hours. Alex makes the pledge, but then the next morning informs Colie that 24 hours is just too long and that he can't possibly remain faithful. It's sad when relationships fail after two people work so hard to maintain them for 10 hours.


Blogger Jeffrey Marx said...

I totally agree with you. This season is amazingly great TV. I even decided to blog about each episode!

Keep watching!

10:10 AM  

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