Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Top 11 Names for Conservatives to Be Used in Future Star Tribune Editorials

Now that the Star Tribune editorial board has to at least temporarily halt their serial plagiarizing of others' work, they're being forced to write their own editorials. This resulted in the following exposure of their intellect and wit last week:

You've gotta hand it to Keith Ellison, Minneapolis' congressman-elect: He's not even in the House yet, and he's got wingnuts falling out of the trees on their empty heads.

When Ellison announced that he would take the oath of office on the Qur'an, right-wing radio gasbag Dennis Prager went into high indignation mode.

Until they can find a writer even more obscure than Hendrik Hertzberg to rip off, readers can expect more of the same. Here are the top 11 names we predict the Star Tribune will call conservatives in the coming days:

11. Stupidheads

10. Asshats

9. Fundies

8. Repugs

7. Christianists

6. Fetus worshippers

5. Theocons

4. Red-state-necks

3. Lonely guys writing withering and anonymous social commentary in their underpants

2. New Yorker non-readers

1. Hairy-backed swamp developers


Blogger -Peder said...

But they won't use 'Twin-citian'. They declared that out of bounds last spring when it was discussed that outstate MN might have different values than a major urban area. That was outside the pale.

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Anonymous spaniard said...


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