Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Top 11 Conferences Sponsored By The Iranian Government After They Finish Their Current Conference On Whether The Holocaust Happened

11. Did O.J. really do it?

10. Was the Lindberg baby kidnapped?

9. Are we Shiites or Sunnis?

8. Will Hugh Hewitt have a guest host any time soon?

7. Should Dennis Hastert lose a few pounds?

6. Do we plan to develop nuclear capability for sinister purposes?

5. Does Nicole Ritchie have a substance abuse problem?

4. Will Dustin Diamond continue to get shut out at Emmy time?

3. Would Rosie O'Donnell look better in a burkha?

2. Is Tom Cruise trying a little too hard to prove he's hetrosexual?

1. 9/11: Zionist comspiracy or Bush hoax?


Anonymous John F Not Kerry said...

Where's Waldo?

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