Monday, December 18, 2006

Nihilist in Golf Pants Person Of The Year For 2006: The Sun

It’s big and hot and yellow and it’s responsible for all life on Earth and now, once again, it is the Nihilist in Golf Pants Person of the Year. It is the Sun. The Sun started out four and half billion years ago as several million tons of hydrogen. Over the years it has converted about a fourth of that to helium and in the process provided heat and light for not just Earth, but the entire solar system.

Some may criticize our decision to name the Sun our person of the year for the thirty-eighth time in forty years and others may nitpick that the Sun is not actually a person. This award is meant to encourage and not end the debate. But only a moron would fail to recognize that without the Sun and its life-giving nuclear fusion, there would be no people on Earth whatsoever.

Americans flock to beaches to sit out in the Sun. They whine when it is hidden behind clouds. They breathe the oxygen it helps to produce via photosynthesis. America is in love with the Sun and so are we here at Nihilist in Golf Pants, and that is why we name the Sun our person of the year for 2006.

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