Saturday, January 06, 2007

Rock Solid in the Blogosphere for Fall 2007

Once again, the Rock Solid in the Blogosphere award has sewn controversy and contention behind the scenes here at Nihilist in Golf Pants. The controversy: whether to allow repeat winners of the Rock Solid.

Without a doubt, the best thing going on the internet these days is the HamNation videos by Mary Katharine Ham (Note to Why no Ham Nation archive?). The problem is that Mary Katharine Ham has already won a Rock Solid for her blog, before she even started doing Ham Nation. If we allow M-Kat to win again and again, no matter how deserving, the Rock Solid will run the risk of becoming like our Person of the Year Award (won by the Sun thirty-eight of the last forty years) – all suspense will be lost. Thus, as the Awards Editor at Nihilist in Golf Pants, I have made the difficult decision that the Rock Solid award can only be won by a person once.

That means we are down to two nominees for Fall 2006, Kevin Ecker of Eckernet and Mitch Berg from Shot in the Dark. Without further ado, the Rock Solid goes to Kev … Wait a minute, wait a minute, we have a last minute nominee … Craig Westover! The Rock Solid in the Blogosphere award for Fall 2006 goes to St. Paul Pioneer Press hobby columnist and blogger Craig “Captain Fishsticks” Westover. And since Captain Fishsticks is old, he is eligible for the Rock Solid in the Blogosphere Lifetime Achievement Award!

Although we are jealous that he makes $75 more for each column than this blog has made in its entire existence, we must acknowledge his excellence. Whether he is giving us a guided tour of the liberal mind, destroying arguments in favor of smoking bans, or exposing the possible links between vaccines, mercury and autism, Captain Fishsticks is the MOBs go to guy for Gravitas (but he is no stranger to satire). Congratulations to Rock Solid in the Blogosphere for Fall 2006 (lifetime achievement), Craig Westover!


Anonymous Kevin said...

At this point it is quite reasonable for someone to become temporarily insane....and there are all sorts of "privileges" that come with that!

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not create a separate prize, call it "Eternal HamNation", and award it to M-Kat each quarter?

8:19 AM  

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