Monday, January 08, 2007

Top 11 Taunts We Would Have Made Had We Been Present at Saddam’s Hanging

11. You should have campaigned harder for Al Gore!

10. Ashton Kutcher went all out to punk you!

9. Maybe the Star Tribune editorial board will storm through that door and save you

8. You’re about to drop like a pass thrown to Troy Williamson!

7. Don’t you wish you’d accepted that offer of exile you received before the war?

6. At least you won't have to face the consequences of global warming!

5. Who do you like, Florida or Ohio State – Oh, that’s right, you won’t live to see the game

4. Relax, hanging is more painless than being killed by poison gas

3. Saaaaaaaaddam Saaaaaaaaaaaddam Saaaaaaaaaaaddam Saaaaaaaaaaaddam

2. Glenn Mason lasted longer than you!

1. Shalom!