Monday, January 14, 2008

Top 11 Reasons Gopher Goalie Jeff Frazee Let In A Goal From 120 Feet Out At St. Cloud State On Saturday Night

11. Actually enjoys hearing the "Sieve!" chant

10. Distracted by bearded economics professor in stands who kept baring his chest

9. Distracted by concern that racist graffiti on SCSU campus hasn't attracted enough media attention

8. Angry that Doug Woog is no longer coach, he could really use $500 under his hat

7. Wanted to see if he could get Coach Lucia to give him "the look"

6. His thoughts were consumed by his upcoming midterms in biochemistry and Elizabethan poetry

5. Was busy admiring the architecture of the National Concrete Center

4. Was busy daydreaming about how super-awesome Barak Obama is

3. Distracted by his new girlfriend in the stands, Ashlee Simpson

2. Distracted by concern that maybe Garth Snowe was right: his development is being retarded

1. He just sucks


Blogger King said...

Actually, it was all that back hair of a mountain gorilla.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your not a sieve your a vacuum your not a vacuum your a black hole no your not a black hole you just suck
thats right frazzie

8:04 PM  

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