Friday, January 04, 2008

Top 11 Predicted Hugh Hewitt Interpretations for Romney Coming in Second in Iowa

11) Anti-religious bigots voting for Huckabee

10) Mormon vote suppressed by ESPN Classic's showing of 1979 Holiday Bowl

9) Exactly as predicted, Romney emphatically defeated Duncan Hunter

8) Romney now ideally positioned to run as the comeback candidate

7) People of Iowa don't really represent the values of America anyway

6) Until now, Hugh has been too subtle in expressing his support for Romney on his radio show

5) "A Mormon in the Whitehouse?" was banned in many Iowa libraries.

4) Romney following in Reagan's footsteps, finish second in Iowa and New Hampshire, then win the nomination four years later

3) Due to miscommunication, Romney accidently spent too much time campaigning in the Caucasus Mountains region

2) Counting on the old saying: "America loves a second place finisher"

1) It was another very bad day for Mike Huckabee

We kid Hugh, but he's always got a great show. The added bonus of hearing him try to reconcile months of shameless Romney promotion with this result will be must hear radio.

Tune in tonight, starting at 5 PM Central, on AM1280 The Patriot


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