Saturday, December 22, 2007

Top 11 Reasons NY Islanders GM Garth Snow Hates Gopher Coach Don Lucia

According to the Strib, Garth Snow has ripped Lucia's coaching. Here's why:

11. Snow is jealous of Lucia's hair.

10. Lucia insists that his players waste time in the classroom.

9. Lucia's teams always soundly beat Snow's alma mater, the University of Maine.

8. Lucia refused to give Snow sufficient credit for moving the Islanders past the Washington Capitals so that they are now only the second worst team in the Eastern Conference.

7. Lucia has repeatedly said that really bad backup goaltenders aren't all that important.

6. Lucia is Italian, like Rick DiPietro.

5. Lucia doesn’t seem to understand that the University of Minnesota Hockey team exists solely for the benefit of the New York Islanders.

4. Snow was shocked that Kyle Okposo lags behind other Islander prospects in terms of steroid use.

3. Confused him with Dom DeLuise, who really is a lousy hockey coach.

2. Whenever Lucia sees Snow, he bows down and says, "We're not worthy!" When they part company, he always tells Snow, "Party on, Garth!"

1. Lucia is on record suggesting that an NHL GM should have some scouting, coaching, or executive experience.


Anonymous john f not kerry said...

If the Islanders were that concerned with Opposo's development, they should have given him a better contract offer and coached him themselves. This busniess of using college sports as a de facto pro farm system will ruin the competitive nature of them.

2:41 PM  

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