Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Somebody Told Me This Was Supposed To Be A Political Blog

It's been forever since I made any real political commentary. So here is my take on the recent momentum related to the two major parties races for presidential nominations.

Movin' On Up
Barak Obama - He's the big winner recently, as most of America begins to remember that Hillary's a bitch.

John McCain - Democratic Senator Leiberman's endorsement gives Johnnie Mac some much needed Joementum.

Fred Thompson - OK, OK, it's just wishful thinking on my part.

Ron Paul - Huge internet fundraising week means he'll have plenty of money for tin foil

Hanging In There
John Edwards - Still hoping the nomination is a beauty contest.

Mitt Romney - Hugh Hewitt didn't say he had the best week ever, so he must be faltering.

Joe Biden - Who the hell cares about Joe Biden.

Bill Richardson - Looking very vice-presidential.

Mike Huckabee - The Huckaboom is starting to Huckabust.

Rudy Guiliani - Somebody better tell him there's a campaign going on.

Hillary Rodham Clinton - She'd do better without the "Heil Hitler!" salute.


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