Saturday, November 24, 2007

Top 11 Possible Reasons Eric Black Really Wanted Rachel Paulose Fired

Former Star Tribune reporter, now blogger, Eric Black is still taking his bows over leading the high tech lynch mob that ran Rachel Paulose out of town. Despite the glory he's reveling in, amid the innuendo and petty office politics he was peddling, any factual basis for why she had to be fired immediately is still not clear. Which leaves the job to us to speculate on the Top 11 Possible Reasons Eric Black Really Wanted Rachel Paulose Fired.

11) He has it on good authority that she is a mean boss.

10) She has some wacko puritanical obsession with ending sex slavery.

9) She claims to be "Indian", and like the North Dakota Fighting Sioux, that's racist.

8) She went to that third-rate law school, Yale.

7) She has the gall to believe in a higher power, above the will of liberal newspaper reporters.

6) The name Rachel reminds him of Jennifer Anniston, which reminds him of Brad Pitt, which reminds him that he has no shot at Angelina Jolie.

5) His reading of the Constitution tells him that executive branch political appointees have no business supporting the priorities of the executive branch.

4) She's not as likely to leak information to him as those in the US Attorney's Office who hate her.

3) He never won a Pulitzer, but this kind of story could at least win the City Pages Best Blogger award.

2) He doesn't work for the Star Tribune anymore, but his heart still belongs to the DFL.

1) He doesn't have Alan Fine to kick around anymore.


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