Monday, November 12, 2007

Link Worshipping Douchebags

Nothing pisses me off when some commenter brings up the asinine idea that the Anti-Strib (AS) is some sort of blogging victim of PC thought police run amok. They got the bloging part right but AS’s are far from victims.

We use the term “Thank God It‘s Friday” for the end of the week because that’s when the AS’s liked to post pictures of semi-nude women. Their societies didn’t value hygeine, as they were constantly struggling find chicks that would speak to them. As culture was one of grinding celibacy at a level this is unimaginable today.

One of the main reasons that the rest of the MOB was willing to let AS twist for their sins is that their blog is so poorly written. Today we would call them douchebags. There is nothing noble about publishing 13 posts in a day without any deep thinking.

The life of a blogger was no nobler, nor much different from that of a bum, a hobo or a Packer fan. Their life cycles were identical: bitch, moan, boast, sleep, drink, die. I’d compare them to the entire animal kingdom, but that would be an insult to beavers. A honey bee could be said to have a more complex, evolved society than AS.

There was also cultural poverty, or maybe more accurately a lack of writing skill. They were so primitive that they created no posts of any lasting value, nor did they contribute anything of note to the world. KAR, Fraters and Yucky Salad all had progressed much farther than the AS. (Although they didn’t progress far enough to garner more hits than Power Line.) They even occasionally got links from Captain Ed.

Bloggers as far back as 4 years ago were contributing and creating while the AS did absolutely nothing. They didn’t get any Instalanches, they wrote no lasting plays or books, they didn’t come up with a decent joke nor did they figure out how to make change for a twenty at their convenience store day-jobs. And judging from their blog, they had no written language.

Some whine that we tried to censor the AS‘s, but what choice did we have? Their acts of idiocy against the readers assured that they could no longer be allowed links other people’s blogs. Their poverty-based societies filled AS’s with a deep desire to post brain farts at will. One decent alternative to integration was extermination of all links. Michael Brodkorb reached this conclusion and rode this issue to an extra 40 hits yesterday. He was veteran of the many feuds with AS and had no illusions about Tracy Eberly.

So skip the indignation crap. Anti-Strib bloggers are ignorant douchebags permanently stuck in the Stone Age. Even God Damned Berg contributed more and managed to create a better blog than the humanoid animals at Anti-Strib that once roamed MOB blogrolls.


Blogger Tracy said...

Welcome to the band wagon! I see you follow trends and project them as ideas. Have you considered a career in Hollywood?

9:41 PM  
Anonymous mberg said...

Even God Damned Berg contributed more


Is that really you?


10:57 PM  
Blogger Jim W. said...

He was a veteran of many feuds with AS?

Uh, yeah. Can you refresh my memory of what those other feuds were, because I don't remember any of those many feuds we had with MDE. I do remember that Michael couldn't get us on his radio show fast enough to bash a guy that called him part of the "anti-ni**er machine". I guess we served his purpose. At any rate, thanks for the link. You're helping add to our over 1000 per day. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

Oh, and your bandwagon is sure to have your ticket out.

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Obnoxious Packer Guy said...

The life of a blogger was no nobler, nor much different from that of a bum, a hobo or a Packer fan. Their life cycles were identical: bitch, moan, boast, sleep, drink, die.

Um, yeah. Can you refresh my memory about when a Packer fan bitched moaned boasted or died? Because I don't recall any Packer fan bitching and moaning (well, except for the Bob Slowik era) or boasting and dying. Anyway thanks for the link and adding to the 250 hits per day that are not irrelevant google hits.

Oh...and the Pack is 8 and 1. Your bandwagon is sure to have your ticket out (also bring your own beer).

7:47 AM  

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