Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Top 11 Reasons Stillwater Voters Should Approve their School Levy

Today is Election Day and we here at NIGP are making one and only one endorsement:
YES! on all three Stillwater school levies. If you live in Stillwater, run, don’t walk, to the polls. Here are the top 11 reasons we support the Stillwater school levies:

11. Enabling more teachers to pay off their cabins up north will make them more relaxed in the classroom and better educators

10. Wealthy Stillwater homeowners have been getting a free ride for too long now

9. It will be fun listening to Brian “St. Paul” Ward complain about the levy passing on the NARN show

8. Levy will help educate the banjo playing youths that live their

7. I don’t live in Stillwater

6. Voting “yes” on all three questions would raise property taxes on a $300,000 home a mere 2.8 cents per hour

5. Can finally expand the elementary school Somali GLBT Studies department

4. The Yes to Kids! campaign wants to move on to their next initiative: fewer vegetables, more cake at dinner

3. Great way for local government to grab the money that environmentalists won't let them spend on their bridges

2. It’s for the children

1. Failure to raise the levy likely to result in a brain drain to Somerset

UPDATE: Only one of the three Stillwater levies passed (but it was the big one). Maybe the Stillwater schools won't be burning, but they will be smoldering a little and we will be here to say, "I told you so." Stillwater will soon be a cold Red Wing.


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