Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wetterling Foundation To Al Gore: Suck It

Monday was the anniversary of the abduction of Jacob Wetterling. In memorial, the Wetterling foundation launched an attack on rival special interest groups that are focused on global warming. Per the Star Tribune:

Today is the 18th anniversary of the abduction of young Jacob Wetterling, and families across Minnesota are being asked to leave on a porch light today in a symbolic effort to help light the way home for Jacob and other missing children.

In their biased manner, the Strib doesn't include any quotes from global warming alarmists who believe that the futile gesture of illuminating millions of porch lights will spell doom for far more children than the relatively small number who are abducted at gunpoint each year.

The Wetterling Foundation disputes my characterization that they "launched an attack" against anyone and have asked me to retract the comment. I would inform them as well as anyone else who is confused on this matter that this blog is satirical in nature. Readers should not use this blog as a source for accurate reporting of events. Kind of like Nick Coleman's column.

The first comment in this string is a statement authored by the Executive Director of the Foundation and reflects their official position on the matter.


Anonymous Nancy Sabin said...

In the spirit of accurate, meaningful information for the public, please correct your blog. Jacob Wetterling Foundation (JWF)suggested that those who wanted to, could leave their porch light on as a symbolic, supportive gesture for kids. It is also a safety issue to have lights on when kids are walking home at night from various activities in their neighborhood. JWF DID NOT "...launch an attack against a special interest group....." so please retract that comment. We appreciate your desire to bring about good public discourse, but we would like it to be accurate.

Nancy Sabin
Executive Director, JWF

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Jodi Huisentruit said...

Why do you hate the children and the planet so? Quit telling lies!

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Minnesotans with no sense of humor, and the staff at NIGP have to admit they are numerous, are the a major reason I moved to Texas. That and February.

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nancy Sabin, do you really speak like that?

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Ian-Maria Beckendorff-Pfilzmeier-O'Riordan said...

In the spirit of completeness, we demand that Ms. Sabin retract her attack upon Nihilist in Golf Pants. The act of "leaving lights on" pollutes Mother Oerth with light and pollution. It is also a paternalistic, sexist, anti-animal genocidal symbol of male control.

Why does Ms. Sabin hate Mother Oerth?

We plan on seeking a court order enjoining Ms. Sabin from commenting on this issue, and forcing her to bark like a dog.


Ian-Maria Beckendorff-Pfilzmeier-O'Riordan
Association of Minnesota Non-Profits Against the Patriarchy

9:59 AM  

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