Thursday, October 11, 2007

You kids need a less hellbound family!

Toddler Given Marijuana in Menomonee Falls:

"Hey buddy! Are you stoned"?

Prosecutors say that question was asked to a 2-year old boy in Menomonee Falls, and they claim it happened when a mother from Menomonee Falls got high with her 2 year old son.

The woman and two of her friends are facing charges for sharing marijuana with the toddler and then recording it all on their cellphone.

The criminal complaint says the three had agreed to keep the incident a secret, but police received a tip and obtained a court order to seize the video that includes images of the boy wearing a motorcycle helmet and staggering around a bathroom, "in what appears to be a confused and altered state."

The complaint says one of the mother's friends can be heard asking the question. Laughter and other voices, including the mother's, are then heard,

Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel says the mother still has custody of the boy, under monitoring by the Waukesha County Department of Human Services. She and the boy live with her mother.

We really need to find something for Packer fans to do between games. No word yet whether Obnoxious Packer Guy condones such behavior, but--in the absence of a public statement denouncing it--we can only assume that his silence indicates assent.


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