Thursday, September 27, 2007

Top 11 Reasons That Bombed Bensonhurst (please Benson, don't hurst us!) Guy Needs To Move Back To New York

We here at NIGP have about had it with a certain Canadian political blogger who hails from the dank and depressing borough of Brooklyn, or as Spike Lee would call it "Crooklyn" (I've always admired how clever that was) New York and have come up with the reasons he should move back there.

11. To live among people who know what good Sri Lankan food really tastes like

10. Dressing like Tony Soprano in Lake Elmo only draws concerned stares

09. The opportunity to pay a municipal income tax

08. The chance to tell his future grandchildren what it was like to be a constituent of Sen. Hillary Clinton

07. A new Olive Garden will soon open on Ocean Avenue

06. Brooklyn may soon get a CFL franchise

05. Looking down your nose at Minnesotans too easy

04. Misses living in a 300 square foot cold-water, fourth floor walk up with Pakistani neighbors for 2 grand a month

03. John Leguisamo lives in Brooklyn

02. To begin work as an architect to build something in Brooklyn that is actually worthy of a terrorist attack

01. Can't wait to be part of the bridge-and-tunnel crowd again


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