Thursday, September 27, 2007

Top 11 Reasons Mike Vick Failed His Drug Test

11. In retrospect, having that sleepover with Snoop Dogg was probably a bad idea

10. Not sure if dog fighting was going to be enough to ensure that he pisses (so to speak) away NFL career

09. It's a cultural thing that you people just don't understand!

08. Easier to play Madden '08 when stoned

07. Easier to execute dogs when baked

06. Wasn’t able to score himself a proper Wizzinator

05. All that infernal barking from tortured dogs hard on nerves

04. Needed something to pass the time now that he has no job and no hobbies

03. Trying to forget the memories of watching the Vikings - Chiefs game

02. His glaucoma was acting up

01. He's a stupid, stupid man!


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